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HR Cloud Software: Overview – Features – Pricing


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Overview Presentation

HR Cloud software reviewHR Cloud is a social human resource management software designed for onboarding, employee engagement, and recruiting. It is a comprehensive but modular solution with database, customization, automation, reporting, and analytics tools. The HR software allows for employee self-service and easy sharing of information with secure access and plenty of integrations built in.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Employee onboardingHR Cloud enables fast and easy onboarding with its employee self-service tool. Users can design communication workflows and detailed email or mobile app notifications for every onboarding step. Every employee can complete and manage their own profile during onboarding and even before their first day. Users can create personalized new hire portals to give them the needed information to hit the ground running. Other features of the HR software that simplify onboarding are paperless e-sign processes, customized forms and workflows, I-9 and E-Verify, automatic notifications, and progress reports.
  • Employee experience – Workmates is HR Cloud’s employee experience platform that helps improve company culture with special tools for promoting employee engagement, internal communications, rewards and recognition, and employee advocacy. It includes a centralized newsfeed for communicating company news and updates. Employees can upload documents, pictures, and videos to give and receive information. Users can give employees kudos, a rewards and recognition tool with customized badges and point system. They can also create group channels that help align teams, simplify communications, and allow focus of efforts. Other tools of the employee engagement software include easy push of shareable marketing or corporate content, customizable pages and folders, visual org chart and directory, in-app phone call, text, email, or direct message, reporting, and analytics.
  • People HRMS – HR Cloud offers tools such as e-forms, time-off tracking, and employee database to collect, organize, and use employee information more efficiently. It has customizable employee profiles, detailed records, document trails, and reports. The cloud HRMS solution includes features such as approval workflow, custom checklists and forms, and automated PTO. Users can create custom reports based on profiles or any job detail field and secure access with different user roles and permissions. The software can collect feedback through surveys and has import/export data options. It also integrates with many apps and services for employee engagement, payroll management, ATS, background checks, job boards, performance management, calendars, and LMS.


HR Cloud offers plans for different business goals and requirements. The Onboard package includes onboarding, offboarding, and core HRMS tools and features to streamline the process and improve new hire experience. The Workmates package has features mainly for social employee engagement. The combined Onboard + Workmates is a popular package that combines the two modules’ functionality, while the HR Suite includes features of both packages with the addition of time off management and recruiting. All packages have integrations, enterprise-grade security, dedicated support team, and an SSO feature. Prices of packages are directly requested from HR Cloud representatives. HR Cloud packages

Social Network Presence

Target Market

HR Cloud is an online HR solution for businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to enterprises. It is ideal for startups, fast growing companies, and organizations with distributed teams. Companies in the hospitality, healthcare, restaurant, retail, technology, financial services, staffing, construction, and landscaping industries have adopted and implemented the solution successfully.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include Medlinks, Interim Healthcare, MCO, SHELTER Inc, Christopherson Business Travel, Osmose, RORC Therapy, Veolia Environment, and La Senza. Take-me-to-their-Website


Shirley Garcia remembers that the manual recruiting and onboarding process they used to have in the company consumed too much time and made it difficult to meet their client needs. Their paper-based process was ineffective in managing their recruiting process and did not provide the visibility into their applicant pipeline. After using HR Cloud, their new onboarding process is now easy and effective where newly hired associates follow an intuitive workflow complete with designated actions and responsibilities. The solution includes onboarding, offboarding, project staff communications, and recruiting that allowed her team to have the right statistics of the applicant pool and provide these details to clients easily. Kaylee Collins, an HR analyst with a utilities services company, recalled the challenge of their HR to onboard a high number of field-based employees. The process took an average of two hours for each new hire, accompanied by data entry errors that took more time to fix, and concerns on compliance to meet deadlines and security requirements. The HR Cloud solution automated the entire onboarding approach that resulted in time savings, increased data accuracy, and ensured compliance with industry regulations. Kaylee’s team can also now monitor the process and assist if needed. The HR software’s implementation team made great effort to work with the client, vendors, and third-parties to give the users an interface they liked to use.

Why HR Cloud

HR Cloud provides a smart solution for startups, SMBs, and high-growth companies in the area of onboarding, workforce management, and recruiting. It streamlines processes to save time and money, so organizations can grow without delay or distraction. HR teams can focus on improving employee morale, support business growth, and hire the right candidates without being bogged down with repetitive administrative tasks.

Company Info

HR Cloud, Inc., is a privately held software company based in El Segundo, California. It was founded in 2012 by Damir Davidovic, CEO. HR Cloud includes tools that promote connectivity, ideas, support, and recognition. It is a social HR intranet that gives team and colleagues a fun and easy way to build relationships to increase morale and motivates employees to do their best.   Take-me-to-their-Website

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