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Overview Presentation

GoodDay is an online platform that helps teams manage projects, products and work. It includes automated tools designed for today’s knowledge workers. Its features aid users in planning and execution phases, as well as continuous improvement of processes. Team members know what their tasks are and complete them in a collaborative and transparent manner. This promotes accountability, supports agility, and creates a recognition-friendly work environment.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Team Management, Visual Interface ‚Äì GoodDay combines team management principles and best practices with the latest technology tools. It supports transparency in all phases, allowing users to easily view single tasks as well as high-level overviews. Big screens can be displayed in common work areas to encourage involvement, collaboration, accountability and productivity. Action Required is a feature that visualizes a timeline identifying the team member responsible for the next action on a task. This promotes responsibility and accountability, helps reveal and eliminate bottlenecks, and clarifies goals. The platform also generates automatic yet customizable reports for project, department and organization levels.
  • Business Intelligence, Time Tracking ‚Äì The work management software has a business intelligence module useful for decision makers. It provides high-level view of activities and uses analytics on real-time data to help improve estimates, forecasts, progress and trends. Thus, users are able to review processes, gain insights and make informed strategies. It has a time tracking module that supports both traditional and automated time tracking. Users can use time reporting tools as well as make use of the business intelligence module for automatic estimates.
  • Email & Calendar Integration, Security, and other features ‚Äì GoodDay also has integrations with tools that users are familiar and comfortable with. It works well with Google email and calendar. It provides essential security features such as data and file encryption, authentication, centralized user management, and roles- and permissions-based system. They are housed in secure data centers with regular backups and audits. Other features include subtasks, subprojects, dashboards, Gantt charts, progress boards, notifications, advanced search and others.


GoodDay offers a freemium pricing model that includes all modules and features. The Free plan includes for up to 50 users, with unlimited projects, advanced analytics and standard support. The Professional plan is priced at $5 per user per month, and includes 51 to 250 users, all Free plan features with the addtion of 3rd party integrations and dedicated support. A custom Enterprise plan is also available.

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Target Market

GoodDay is for collaborative teams requiring a visual project management, product management or work management platform. It is applicable across industries especially in high technology firms, agile companies, and SMBs employing knowledge-based workforce.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

No information is available. However, the owner company lists MTV, Disney, Stanford Health Care and Vodafone as clients.


An anonymous client described the interface as second to none compared to other tools that the user has tried. It is not complicated, and adoption time is less than an hour.

Why GoodDay

GoodDay work management platform takes into consideration the modern-day, information-age knowledge team worker as its ideal user. It is a system that combines management science and positive psychology with modern technology tools. It empowers teams for collaboration, includes automated and smart tools to lessen administrative work, and emphasizes transparency and accountability in a visual interface.

Company Info

GoodDay is a product/service of Createch Group Inc, a privately held web design and digital marketing company with offices in Costa Mesa, CA, USA, and Richmond Hill, ON, Canada. The company incorporated in 2011 and lists Vitali Plugachev as President. The company offers marketing and consulting services, information architecture, an visual design. Clients include Bake Space, Disney and TeamGear. GoodDay web-based software was launched in 2016.

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