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Overview Presentation

Goals by KeepSolid is a web-based, objective-oriented task management application. The features and tools are specifically designed to help you set and achieve business goals. From the Target definition, to creating Mind Maps, from creating Goals to assigning Tasks, the platform is a highly visual, central repository of information that can be accessed securely by team members with the right permission. Users have the option to manage projects by agile using Sprints, and track progress with a Kanban system.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Project Planning and Monitoring – Goals enables users to plan and execute projects by creating a Target, with the option of using Sprints to facilitate agile project management. A Target is a set of activities to be completed in order to achieve a specific outcome. When a Target is defined, they can break it down into goals and use a Mind Map. The online Mind Maps can easily be shown to teams and other stakeholders to make sure everyone understands the initiative and the objective. It includes colored displays and sub-goals creation. A Roadmap view is also available.
  • Task Management and Workflow – The platform features a task management feature linked to your defined Goals and managed using a Kanban system. For every goal, you have 4 sections in your task management area. The Backlog contains the list of tasks to be done. The Active section are tasks that are assigned and currently in progress. The Completed section contains all completed tasks, and the Archived contains tasks that have been archived. If the Sprints option was enabled when that Target was created, a Sprints section also appears and contains tasks included for the current sprint. Tasks are always linked to a specific Goal, can be assigned to multiple users, have a priority, duration and task description.
  • Team Collaboration, User Management, Reports, and more – Goals is a collaborative app that enables a user to invite other people into a team. Team members can then be assigned to work on a specific task to complete a goal. A team member will also have a specific role with corresponding permissions. A Custom Role feature is currently being worked on. This will allow users to create personalized roles for individual team members with customized permissions. Other features include email notifications that include weekly reports, overdue task reports, and others. It also allows login through Google or Facebook credentials, filters for easier navigation, and a product onboarding guide. More reporting features are coming soon.


Goals offers a freemium plan. The Free plan includes up to 5 users, 1 Target, and 30 tasks. The Business plan is priced at $7.99 per user per month paid annually (or $9.99 per user billed month-by-month). It includes for up to 30 users, unlimited Targets, and unlimited Tasks. A free trial of 14 days is available. An Enterprise plan is also available by request.

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Target Market

Goals is valuable for teams and companies of any size, in any industry. It is ideal for project managers, product managers, business owners, software developers, and marketers, among others.

Supported Language

Most products support English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Turkish, and Chinese.

Some of their Clients

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Why Goals

Goals aims to solve the problems of the modern business, especially problems related to volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). By having the right collaborative tools and features, and support for best practices, the platform enables users to take a dedicated, goal-oriented approach when planning, managing and executing projects.

Company Info

Goals is the newewst product of KeepSolid Inc., a computer software company based in New York, and offices in Europe. It was founded in 2013 by Vasiliy Ivanov, CEO; and Oleg Bocharnikov, CFO; in Ukraine as Simplex Solutions. Their flagship product is VPN Unlimited for iOS. Additional products were created and launched soon after, and the company grew to 15 employees. In 2015, the company rebranded to KeepSolid, and a new roadmap of products to be released were also made available. By 2017, the company has over 8 million users worldwide, and existing products are enhanced and updated, and new products are released, such as Sign, Fammie, and just recently, Goals.


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