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Overview Presentation

flapps-LogoFlapps is a web-based online software for businesses that need to track time and expenses, and to manage their employees’ time off. This software is very easy to set up and even easier to use. With this application, you will get insights about how your time is spent and how to maximize it, in addition to a set of features designed for larger organizations, excellent customization and integration support, enterprise grade security and cloud hosting by Amazon AWS. And last but not the least, it is the lowest priced time tracking software on the market.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Online Time Tracking – One of the most important aspects for running a business is time tracking. You must know where your time is going in order to run a business profitably. This is one of the most basic things an owner must do, but it is equally essential too. The main dashboard of Flapps has everything you need to track and record time. You can record the time and later you can add it to a task inside a project that is associated with a client. Flapps is great for teams as well, as everyone can simply track their time, and later on, get timesheets at the end of the week.
  • Absence Management, Customization and Integration – Flapps‘ Absence Management lets companies track time for their leave-of-absence policies. It is normal to track your time off work too, as this way an employer has better insight into employee’s monthly performance. It is also convenient to track how many sick leaves an employee has taken, and how many he has left. Through Flapps, you can electronically request a leave-of-absence or time off, and you can check if your application has been approved or declined in a self-service tool. A manager gets a notification for every request by email on the Flapps dashboard, which also shows who is missing from work for the current day. Flapps also updates US federal holidays in the calendar. Moreover, Flapps allows you to perform every kind of customization imaginable, in addition to providing excellent support for integration and customizations.
  • Online Invoicing and Reporting – The Client Billing report in Flapps allows you to modify everything on a report before showing it to a client. Online billing with Flapps allows you to rearrange any items by drag-and-drop, and at the same time, Flapps makes sure that no billable item gets forgotten and that you don’t bill something more than once. Flapps also has a multi-currency support, so you can track expenses and invoices in all major currencies. It also includes expenses in the project reporting.

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Flapps has one of the most flexible pricing packages. It begins with a 100 percent free package for one user and 5 projects. Then, it has the Starter Package for $1.95 per month with 5 users and unlimited projects. Professional package is $3.95 per month and includes unlimited users, clients, and projects. Lastly, the Enterprise Package is $12.95 per month and includes all features.


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Target Market

Flapps is ideal for large organisations working on multiple projects that produce a huge amount of information. It is also good for busy freelancers and small entrepreneurs. It is a great app for payroll providers, accounting companies, software companies, law firms and many more.

Supported Languages

Flapps software supports English language.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Pfizer, Page Up, Dell, Az Auditing, Cord Blood Center, Policy Impact, Kern Software Engineering, BLC Business and Law Advisors.

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Richard, from New York, who is an avid user of the application, believes that his productivity increased multiple times thanks to Flapps.

Matus Pikali from San Francisco believes the application is very easy to work with, in addition to being highly useful. It has amazing features along with an intuitive interface.

Why Flapps?

Flapps is the only app you need to track time, expenses, and off days even if you are out of the office. With this app, you will never miss billable minutes or expenses.

Company Info

Flapps Inc. is a software company providing online time tracking software. It was founded in New York and the company is privately held, with its main focus on designing and developing cloud hosted software solutions for enterprises. Besides releasing its cloud hosted time tracking software, the company has several other projects in development.

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