Export Asana Multi-Level Subtasks to Excel/CSV through Bridge24

Bridge24 LogoIn early 2016, Bridge24 announced the release of a feature that allows users to export their information inside Asana, Basecamp, AceProject or Trello. This very practical feature enables users to have greater control of their data, even outside of their project management applications. Of course, there are plenty of reasons to do this. For instance, users can use exported project data for reporting purposes, to keep for backup, or to share information with other partners. This feature has been recently updated as a response to numerous user feedback. Now, users can export multi-level subtasks (including custom fields) in Asana to Excel or CSV format.

Asana Tasks and Subtasks

In Asana, users can create subtasks to break up the work of a big task into smaller parts. It is more efficient to divide up a big work among multiple people. In general, subtasks function like regular tasks with the same fields as their parent task. The difference, however, is that they are embedded within the parent task, and they can be up to 5 levels deep. Through Bridge24’s latest update, users can export data that reflect these multiple levels in several presentations. Exported data can be in CSV or Excel format.

How to Export from Bridge24

Bridge24 users can follow the same easy step in exporting project information as before. The export icon (arrow pointing down to a bar) is accessible at the top right portion of the screen. It is visible in all views, whether in Grid, Calendar or Kanban view. Clicking the icon will launch the export dialogue window.

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New Subtask Export Options

The latest export feature iteration includes more options in how users want to download their Asana project data. First, they can choose which format their export will be, either in CSV or Excel. They also have options which fields to export and from what view. Finally, they can choose a preference in how they want their subtasks exported. The following are the Subtasks Preference options:

  • Do not export ‚Äì this means subtasks will not be exported with the data
  • Export in one sheet ‚Äì this means all levels of subtasks, regardless of how deep they are embedded, will be placed in one sheet together with the main tasks
  • Export to separate sheets ‚Äì this is an Excel format only option, which means that every level of subtask will have its own separate sheet associated with it.

Bridge24 – Go Beyond Your Native Apps

Bridge24 is the smart way to enhance and extend the core project management features of reliable applications like Asana. It connects easily and works in real-time. Moreover, it does not replace the solid foundations laid down by these popular apps. On the other hand, it introduces flexibility such as better data control through exporting of information, and other powerful views that are now available only through Bridge24. So do more with what you have and go beyond the limits of your favorite apps.

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