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DropboxDropbox is an online storage software that provides a shared workspace for teams wherever they are. It enables users to organize, sync, and secure files, cloud content, mixed-media documents, and web shortcuts in one place. The platform works across devices, integrates with third-party apps, and provides real-time collaboration for teams and organizations. Dropbox helps solve the problems of scattered content, work interruptions, and coordination difficulties. Read on for our complete Dropbox review. Read more: Best Project Management Tools for 2021

Dropbox : Features and Strengths

File and Folder Sharing

Dropbox lets users share files like documents, photos, videos, or zipped folders easily with a link. Teams can share these links with anyone — including those without Dropbox accounts. Depending on the Dropbox plan, users can share big files (2GB and up) without any problems. The cloud-sharing service also provides updates so users can see when someone added, edited, deleted, renamed, or moved an online file. Other features include:
  • Organization tools for shared folders and groups
  • Folder management tools with multiple folder permissions
  • Sharing options and controls
  • Password protection for links
  • Link expiration
  • Disabled downloads
  • Other granular folder permissions

Fast File Syncing

Dropbox syncs files across devices. Cloud file sync works on multiple devices and platforms, such as the web, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. Newly saved or updated files automatically sync everywhere, so users always have the newest version of the files as indicated by a green checkmark. A backup of earlier file versions stays for 30 to 180 days to allow recovery of an earlier version of a file sync. Offline access is available with locally synced folders in desktop apps, but will automatically sync with the latest changes when an internet connection becomes available. Files and folders in the cloud are viewable from the desktop, which can help free up local computer space.

Storage, Security, Collaboration, and More

Dropbox offers a range of cloud storage solutions for files like photos, videos, large CAD files, and PowerPoint presentations. The software secures all files in the cloud, but a remote wipe option lets users clear all files and folders from a lost or stolen device’s Dropbox account. It also offers a password manager that remembers usernames and passwords on all devices, so users can safely sign in to websites and apps. Additionally, The Vault is a PIN-protected folder in the account for storing and securing sensitive information in the cloud — such as a passport, will, or pay stubs. Paper is a collaboration tool where teams can share everything, such as meeting agendas and project outlines. With this collaborative document, teams can include checklists and due dates, attach additional files, and post comments. Dropbox also integrates with apps like Zoom, Slack, Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, Google, Trello, Canvas, and Asana. Take-me-to-their-Website

Dropbox Pricing

Dropbox offers several plans for personal and work use. Basic Plan: Free This plan for a single user includes 2GB of encrypted storage to help store or share a few files. Professional Plan: $16.58 per month annually Ideal for solo workers, this plan includes 3TB of encrypted storage, premium features, and advanced sharing tools. Standard Plan: $12.50 per user per month annually The popular Standard plan includes 5TB of encrypted storage, team management and collaboration tools, file locking, an admin console, granular sharing permissions, and the Dropbox Transfer feature for up to 2GB. There is a minimum of 3 users on this plan. Advanced Plan: $20 per user per month annually Designed for complex teams, the Advanced plan includes unlimited storage space and advanced administrator controls, as well as all the features of the standard plan. There is a minimum of 3 users on this plan.

Who Uses Dropbox?

Dropbox‘s business plans are well-suited for freelancers, as well as small, midsize, and large businesses in need of a cloud-based, off-site file storage and sharing service. Clients include MVMT, Dentsu, Simusolar, Sundance Institute, The University of Sydney, National Geographic, Moleskine, Mazars, Servcorp, and mixi.

Dropbox Supported Languages

Support for`1 English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malaysian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal’s and Brazilian), Russian, Spanish (Castilian and Latin American), Ukrainian, and Chinese (traditional and simplified). Take-me-to-their-Website

Dropbox Testimonials

Bri Lobato, a content strategist for a watch and accessories retail company, collaborates with hundreds of freelance content creators and social media influencers to effectively market the brand. To manage its content-heavy marketing strategy, the company relies on technology tools to make collaboration easy among employees, content creators, and other creative partners. Dropbox is an intuitive platform that the company uses together with its external partners. Also, Dropbox Paper allows them to display design files, photos, and videos side-by-side for everyone. Adam Montgomery is the senior manager of programming at a non-profit organization that advances the work of independent storytellers in film and theater. Before a film festival, their team has to narrow down thousands of submissions into 200 in just a few months. Before Dropbox, they were sending Excel files as email attachments, along with DVDs and thumb drives, not knowing if they were sending the files to the right person. After using Dropbox Business, they can easily deal with thousands of files of 2 to 4 GB each, and send it quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

Why Choose Dropbox?

Dropbox provides a smart workspace for teams to access, share, and update their work easily, quickly, and securely. It works across platforms and devices, providing uniform and synchronized content to ensure teams are always working on the latest edition of their work. Also, it provides additional insight and controls to files and folders, so users work only with the right people on the right files.

Company Info

Dropbox, Inc., is a publicly traded American company with headquarters in San Francisco, CA. It was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston, CEO; and Arash Ferdowsi, CTO. They had an idea to help make work better for people by designing a simpler way to keep files in sync. This simple idea has become a service used now by hundreds of millions across the globe. With a mission to design a more enlightened way of working, Dropbox is continuing to design products that reduce busywork, so users can focus on work that matters.

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