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ClickUp is a leading project management solution because it can be configured to meet the needs of teams seeking one tool that handles scheduling, collaboration, does it all. Just like any tool, it has its pros and cons. A deeper look at the ClickUp’s pros and cons will address most questions and concerns.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a cloud-based work and project management platform designed for any team and business. It combines classic and top project management features you would expect from a professional application and combines them with unique features, clever customizations, and endless integrations.

With ClickUp, users can leverage real-time dashboards and work details in multiple views for clarity and tracking. Product support is robust, and product pricing is flexible for any budget. ClickUp provides all of the tools and features to complete work in an efficient, visible, and accessible way. Read our complete Clickup review here.

ClickUp Use Cases

ClickUp enables teams to manage work and adapt its key functions depending on main areas of focus and need.

Task management

Hundreds of tasks across many people and groups can get out of hand quickly without a solid record of what needs to get done, by whom, and when. ClickUp is reliable for organizing tasks, tracking changes and updates to work items, and presenting a big picture view of what the team is working on at any moment in time.

Customized task management through over 35 ClickApps lets users:

  • Plan, organize, and collaborate to exact requirements, saving time through automations and custom field setup and more.
  • Break down work into simplified sub-tasks that can be viewed multiple ways and easily rearranged and edited in bulk with the Bulk Action Toolbar.
  • Stay on top of it all and save hours of time with recurring tasks and scheduled reminders.

Team collaboration

Communication and collaboration is the key to keeping any project moving along smoothly while minimizing confusion and mistakes. ClickUp offers several team collaboration features that enable users to:

  • Assign multiple people to any task to work on together and comment in threads or turn into action items for faster turnaround.
  • Quickly share updates in real time using the built-in Chat view feature.
  • Link resources and keep all team communication inside ClickUp, eliminating the need for satellite IM programs and time-wasting email.
  • Add anyone to chat channels and conversations with a simple @mention to keep everyone informed and performing actions.


ClickUp has different calendar and planning views to keep project managers organized to finish tasks on schedule. Gantt charts display overall project plans and health, and a dynamic timeline keeps users up to date on what work is scheduled, how progress is moving along, and what deadlines are looming. These views enable users to:

  • Schedule work, set up and manage dependencies, and prioritize anything and everything while building a master project timeline.
  • Identify and keep an eye on the critical path to watch for conflict and bottlenecks, so they can be handled as they appear and before they can evolve.

Further, project managers can get that 10K foot view they need of all Spaces, Projects, Lists, and tasks. Users can even connect ClickUp to an Outlook, Apple, or any calendar that allows URL feed subscriptions to keep track of task due dates on the scheduling calendar of their choice.

Resource management

ClickUp dashboards make it easy to see what team members are assigned to, working on, and what their progress looks like with attractive visual layouts of the information available in the system. The visibility these dashboards provide allow users to:

  • Manage resources more effectively through integrated reporting features.
  • Visualize the entire team’s daily work capacity with Workload and Box views.
  • Plan and manage resources to get the most out of every person on the team, filling their time appropriately, and sharing this critical data with leadership and stakeholders to ensure work is on track, on time, and within budget.

With ClickUp, project managers can say goodbye to overcapacity, stressed out staff, and unexpected resource roadblocks.

Workflow automation

ClickUp automations are designed to work with external apps to pull everything into a single shared workspace. Choosing from 100+ automations, ClickUp can take care of the busy work, allowing users to create processes to automate routine and repeat tasks, so the team can work while focusing on their key areas and responsibilities.

Project managers choose from available prebuilt options or build custom automations based on project needs. Further, ClickUp brings in new automations on an ongoing basis, so users can keep an out for one that best suits their needs.


ClickUp helps users track progress with real-time reporting that can be organized into ready-to-use or customizable reports composed of charts, maps, calendars, and more. Once organized, users can easily and securely share and schedule report snapshots with their team, so they don’t miss a beat.

ClickUp makes reporting easy. Its reporting features let users:

  • Custom select specific fields, and calculate sums, averages, and ranges to hone in on data the team needs to see at any given moment during the project life cycle.
  • Pull in data from outside formats such as Google Docs and spreadsheets.
  • Pair reports with custom dashboards pulling information from ClickUp, and add information from financial and other systems to keep projects on track, stakeholders informed, and customers happy.
  • Create one report type and dashboard for internal teams and another view just for the client.

ClickUp Pros and Advantages

ClickUp is a favorite because it provides an all-in-one solution for teams that don’t want to invest too much time on setup and training. It has a little bit of something for everyone.

All-in-one platform

ClickUp has a reputation for being able to solve everyone’s problems with project management. The user-friendly interface is easy to use and straightforward, enabling users to plan, track, and manage any type of work for any type of team with this strong productivity tool.

Task management and planning

ClickUp simplifies task management and work planning by allowing users to create and assign individual tasks to one person, with more specific subtasks to keep things moving along. Multiple people can also be assigned to a task or group of tasks for collaboration and to expedite project priorities.

Interconnect tasks, projects, and documents

With ClickUp, a simple task can be used as a vehicle to connect everything related to a specific work item in one place. Tasks can be interconnected with projects and relevant documentation, so there is no question what is being asked and what supports the work involved to create it.

Kanban boards for linear task view

Project managers can create the perfect Agile workflow using board view. A flexible kanban board will help teams visualize work and keep it organized and prioritized. Boards can also be customized and arranged as needed to analyze a project from any angle. And the Everything View can be used for a high level view of all work.

High level of customization

The ability to customize so many aspects of a team’s projects and tasks lives in custom statuses and templates. Templates can be used to tailor team spaces with custom workflows, features, tags, and privacy settings.


Project managers can find comfort in the ability to integrate with over 1,000 outside tools for free. Every week, new ones are announced or enhanced, providing engagement to check back often to see what additional help and support is available to help project teams operate even better.

ClickUp Cons and Disadvantages

While ClickUp can be versatile for a broad range of use cases, it is good to understand if it has the depth of functionality to replace a dedicated solution.

Too many notifications

Project managers tasked with coordinating a heavy lift of work for a decent number of people will either see notifications as their friend or enemy. ClickUp can send all kinds of notifications, which are best managed through the notification center. Users can access and change how they receive notifications in their settings. Failure to do so may result in an overwhelming number or default notifications.

Limited time tracking

ClickUp could benefit from more robust time tracking functionality. Time tracking device widgets allow users to see the total time each person on a team has tracked, including cumulative time tracking logs on what is going well and what it takes to get something accomplished.

Dashboard views could be cleaner and more modern

Views of boards can be made less busy and a lot cleaner, so users can find what they need to know with a glance. There is a lot of information that can be accessed and displayed. Keeping it to what needs to be known and shown is the key.

Report performance could be improved

Generating and accessing reports can sometimes take longer than expected. Information is being pulled from a lot of data points, and an improvement in this area would greatly benefit ClickUp users and allow them to work more efficiently.

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Get Ready to Try ClickUp

The ClickUp everything all-in-one format gives project teams the peace of mind needed to kick off a project and get right to the good stuff without spending valuable time jumping between tools. It has something for everyone, and its customizable and extensive features satisfy a wide range of use cases. ClickUp makes it easy to plan important work, execute efficiently, and track and report on progress until the day of delivery.

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