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BuildTools is project management and scheduling software that provides custom home builders and remodelers a centralized tool to manage every aspect of the construction business. From pre-construction planning and bidding to project management and financial tracking, BuildTools organizes all kinds of information and makes it easily accessible so users can save time and cut costs to focus on growing their business.

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BuildTools Review: Features and Strengths

Team Communication

BuildTools lets users easily share messages, documents, photos, change orders, selections, and meeting minutes, both internally with the team and externally with partners. A unified inbox enables seamless communication with the project team, and all communication is neatly stored together and archived as long as needed. The Project Poster tool allows users to distribute documents in the field without downloading, logging in, or training.

Users can control access of documents and sharing capabilities with clients and subs through permissions. It also has progress updates and photos to keep clients involved and engaged. Creating and approving change orders and selections online streamline processes and improve traceability and accountability. Meeting minutes can also be recorded and shared.

Project Management

BuildTools is industry-specific, construction project management software for custom builders and remodelers. All project information such as budgeting, scheduling, communications, and documents are in one place. It has tools to streamline the bidding process and keep project bids organized. It also has project schedule views for all resources, subs, and employees across all projects.

The software automatically sends notifications when changes in schedule occur. Cross-module integration connects all project information together like specs, selections, POs, change orders, and schedules under one project budget code for easy cost tracking. It also manages tasks, drawings and revisions, warranties, and service work requests.

Financial Management, Estimates, Remodeling, and More

BuildTools helps users improve profitability with smooth change order and finance tracking. Users have control over every aspect of a project with change order management that utilizes multiple budget codes, selections, and specifications. They can also control costs with online purchase orders that provide real-time tracking and documentation, and it has detailed financial and WIP reporting — as well as integration with QuickBooks.

BuildTools simplifies the sales process with intuitive tools for creating estimates and proposals. Once approved, the software automatically moves all details of the estimate into the budget for effective cost tracking. Users can customize quotes by room or location, and it’s an ideal tool for remodeling jobs, tracking all moving parts and helping users stay organized with simple workflows and real-time updates.

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BuildTools Pricing

BuildTools pricing is simple and straightforward at $349 per month. This includes three users and all features, with additional users at $20 per month. The plan includes unlimited projects, training, support, and unlimited client and subcontractor access. Interested parties can schedule a demo by directly requesting one from the ECI team.

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Who Uses BuildTools?

BuildTools is for custom home builders and remodelers of all business sizes that need to manage projects centrally, simplify operations, and connect and communicate to everyone involved. Customers include Optima Construction, Platinum Series Homes, Regency Builders, Stonewood Builders, Bradford Builders, and CHB1 LLC.

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BuildTools Supported Language

BuildTools currently supports English only.

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Case Studies

Andy Isch is the sales representative for a Greenfield, Indiana, builder serving residential and commercial customers since 1985. Due to the current cost of goods and labor rates, the company saw a shift of client projects, from small traditional projects to large additions and remodeling projects. With this shift, the company needed a tool to help them get ahead of projects, get them organized faster, and allow them to take actions several months ahead of start dates.

Isch brought BuildTools into the company, which allows them to see the bigger picture and helps them make better strategic decisions. Isch and team can also communicate to leads, designers, project managers, and other partners. The ability to communicate instantly gave the company more flexibility with scheduling, time to shop price and vendors, and better resource allocation.

Carl Bast is a home building management consultant who’s built more than 400 homes over the past 10 years. With wide industry expertise and experience, he has provided productivity and profitability gains for the different construction companies he’s worked for.

Bast admits that all these successes have only been possible with the help of BuildTools. While looking for a more cost-effective solution than his previous multiple but disconnected solutions, he found BuildTools. It’s easier to use and navigate, supports collaboration with trade workers and other partners, and provides real-time visibility into projects. With this builder software, he can tell the accounting department where a project stands in 20 seconds while accountants might take two hours trying to figure out the same.

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Why Choose BuildTools?

BuildTools is an all-in-one software solution designed for the unique needs of custom home building. It is a flexible and user-friendly tool that streamlines processes and increases efficiency. Its ability to keep all project communication, files, schedules, and financial information available ensures everyone is on the same page and working on the most up-to-date information, thereby reducing the possibility of miscommunication and project delays.

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Company Info

BuildTools is a product of ECI Software Solutions, a privately held business software solutions and services company with headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, and offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K., the Netherlands, and Australia. It was founded in 1998 and continues to serve small to midsize companies in the manufacturing, distribution, building and construction, and field service industries. In November 2020, it announced that Leonard Green and Partners, a private equity firm, acquired a majority stake in the company.

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