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What is BuildTools? 

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BuildTools is a web-based, fully integrated construction project management software. It is a modular construction management platform designed to manage the back-office processes of custom builders and remodelers, as well as connect everyone involved. Users are able to better manage their budgets, schedule subcontractors, issue purchase orders, and other behind-the-scenes work processes. They are able to keep their projects in sync and up-to-date. In a single platform, it has bid management, document management, budgeting, communications, purchase orders, accounting integration, and more.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project Management and Communication ‚Äì BuildTools construction project management software enables users to view project schedules for all resources across projects. They can start quickly with schedule templates or by copying schedules from past or current projects. Crews are notified of schedule changes automatically. The baseline feature tracks any changes to the schedule over time. As an online application with unlimited storage, teams have access to view and upload all job-related files wherever they are. Clients can be given view permissions. Team members can see what needs to be done, when it is due, and who is responsible. Tasks can be accessed from any Internet-connected device. Drawing management tools ensure users can view drawings and revisions, redline notes, annotate, and link tasks, change orders, photos, and punch list items directly to the drawing. Most important of all, communication is seamless from any module. The centralized inbox keeps all messages and comments organized, and includes powerful filters and search. Also, all communications can be sent to the user’s everyday email.
  • Budgeting and Finances ‚Äì The construction project management software allows users to build and manage project budgets. Specifications, selections, purchase orders, change orders, and schedule phases can all be tied to an appropriate budget code. They can issue purchase orders right from the budget while tracking and documenting project costs as they are incurred. It has detailed financial reporting that shows a project’s financial standing, which can be shared with clients. The software also integrates with accounting tools such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage.
  • Selections, Change Orders, Service, and more ‚Äì BuildTools help users manage selections in one place, accessible to the client, designers, and the construction team. Change orders can be created and approved online. The service module helps them manage and document post construction work. It also has a bid management module that streamlines the bidding process and makes it easy for subcontractors to submit their bids. Other features include photo gallery and daily logs. Native apps for iOS and Android are available.
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BuildTools offers a simple, straightforward pricing starting from $299/ month. Monthly fee includes up to 3 users, unlimited clients, projects, and subcontractors. Additional users can be added for $20/month/user.

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Target Market

BuildTools is for custom home builders and remodelers. It is a tool for construction project managers, general contractors and design/build firms.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Regency Builders, Stonewood, Platinum Series Homes, Evolve Builders Group, Minton Homes, and Revision.

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Bradley Johnson stated that using BuildTools for scheduling has improved his communication with subcontractors. It resulted in projects getting completed on time within or even under budget. Mark Molthan described having all his project documents in one place and accessible from the jobsite is a game changer. Jessica Moore stated that she likes that their clients and trades can see the progress of the house as it is being built from start to finish. They can access documents, from permits, to daily schedules and photos. She is hoping for a feature to put all current jobs’ major scheduling into one master schedule.

Why BuildTools?

BuildTools was designed by builders with both the builders and clients in mind. It leverages technology, so that users can save a significant amount of time and money, such as when using templates, centralizing documents and photos accessible online, getting real-time tracking of progress, and always keeping communications clear and up-to-date for everyone involved.

Company Info

BuildTools, Inc is a privately held software development company based in Wayzata, MN, USA. It was founded in 2010 by J. Sven Gustafson, the president of residential design and construction firm Stonewood, LLC. They were looking for a way to better organize and run the building process of their construction company, but none of the construction management software they tried had the right back office tools and workflow to help their business. So they decided to build the software they will use, because they understood better than anyone exactly what builders need. To date, more than 280,000 users have completed over 85,000 projects amounting to $13 billion. They remain committed to their mission of enhancing the home building process by organizing the communication between internal employees, subcontractors, and clients.
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