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Overview Presentation

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BrightWork is a project and portfolio management software running on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Enterprises and businesses that chose the collaborative platform can now make use of the right tool to manage their projects. Spreadsheets and emails can be used only so far, but when a company has a real need for greater project visibility and control, it is time to use a capable and flexible solution. It provides an approach that allows users to quickly start for their immediate project needs, but also give them tools to evolve as they manage more and bigger projects.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Project and Portfolio Control – BrightWork provides senior executives successful project and portfolio control with real-time portfolio dashboards. They are able to track project progress, know how projects are doing, and which ones need more attention, all at a glance. The software can generate tailored project status reports automatically, so executives will have increased visibility on projects. It provides information on the work distribution of projects, while users manage and make forecasts of resource allocations. They are able to evaluate the amount of time needed to complete a project versus team members’ availability, to ensure success. The Project Request Manager allows stakeholders to quickly review and approve new project requests, and understand status of current and upcoming projects.
  • Successful Project Management – The PPM software for SharePoint enables project managers to get started on their project fast just by using standardized templates, and filling in relevant information step by step. With the in-browser task scheduler, they are able to quickly create and maintain their project plans. They can also use the automated reporting to provide project updates to stakeholders or work reports to team members. A range of different-sized PM templates are supplied with the software. Processes are embedded right into the template, but can be fine-tuned also as needed. The software can be deployed easily and quickly with existing SharePoint infrastructure, expertise, and training.
  • Project Team Collaboration – BrightWork allows the centralization of all project information in one site. The collaboration tools provide the team access to everything they need to contribute to project success. They can easily update and track the progress of their work with work reports. By updating the status of a task once, all reports are automatically updated, so they can spend less time on updating, and more on task completion. Together with SharePoint, teams can collaborate, solve problems, and move work forward using features such as shared sites, document management, version control, co-authoring, and discussions.
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BrightWork offers cloud and on-premise versions. For the cloud version, the Shared Cloud plan is priced at $35 per user per month. A $900 minimum service fee is also needed to pay for the setup and assistance. The Dedicated Cloud plan for 100 user subscription starts at $34 per user per month, while a 500 user subscription starts at $15 per user per month. Custom cloud plans in compliance with FedRAMP and HIPAA/HITRUST standards are also available. The prices of on-premise plans will depend on the number of users, licenses, support and upgrades, and deployment services. For example, a group of 20 users will have a total cost of $14,355 for the first year, and $1080 the next year for annual support and upgrades fee. A free project management template on SharePoint is available. Users can try the software free for 30 days.

BrightWork Pricing 2018

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Target Market

BrightWork project and portfolio management solution for SharePoint is ideal for a wide range of team and organization sizes. The software is suitable for startups, mid-sized businesses, or large departments that need greater control on their evolving project management requirements.

Supported Languages

Supports English, German, Norwegian, French, and Spanish.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Amazon, Chicago Housing Authority, Siemens Healthineers, Georgia Farm Bureau, and Schneider Electric.

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Dave Berrier described BrightWork as a driving engine in the Amazon way of project management. He stated that in just 3 years, they have grown to 300 different groups using the PPM software, with more than 28,000 active users. Stephanie Saravia stated that one of the things she loves about the PPM software is that it is not just for project managers. BrightWork connects her entire team to their assignments, and team members are responsible for updating their project tasks. This makes it easier for project managers to know what exactly is going on and make decisions quicker.

Why BrightWork

BrightWork project and portfolio management solution is the logical choice for those on SharePoint or those contemplating such move. Being on a collaborative environment is a good start, but using a real PPM software that has a solution for different types of business management requirements across different types of organizational and PM structures is the right strategy to rapidly implement yet still be flexible for changing needs.

Company Info

BrightWork, Inc., was founded in 1995 by its current CEO Eamonn McGuinness. It has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and another office in Galway, Ireland. Since the beginning, it has been developing project management applications on collaborative environments. It started with Lotus Notes, and in 1999, it was approached by Microsoft for its Joint Development Program of what will be SharePoint, making the company one of its earliest collaborators. It trademarked the name in 2003, and has become a Microsoft Gold Partner. At present, it is the leading provider of project management solutions on the platform, having rolled out numerous solutions on every version of SharePoint.
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