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Azendoo is a teamwork application that enables users to organize tasks, synchronize data, collaborate online and get work done. It is a productivity tool that centralizes project management, collaboration and task management in an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Email and multiple disconnected apps are inefficient and outdated for today’s work environment. Relying on them results in spending more time while accomplishing less. A real teamwork application allows users to plan, share, collaborate and get organized with one online work platform with minimum number of emails.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Task Management and Real-time Activity Stream ‚Äì Azendoo teamwork application provides users all their tasks at a glance. Users can prioritize tasks and keep track of progress of all the team’s to-dos and completed tasks. Task details are readily available to help those assigned to get it done right and on time. Users can follow tasks and collaborate directly with comments and attachments. Team discussions can be located in one open and accessible place. Task and message activities can be monitored real-time with reports. An activity feed provides live updates, without the need to ask for progress reports.
  • Document Management and Centralized Messaging ‚Äì This online work platform allows users to store and manage all their documents in one central place. This improves organization and provides quicker access of the right information. Users can share web links, files, images, and documents directly from cloud storage apps that are integrated with the application. A search feature allows for finding anything across tasks, messages, documents and more. The Messaging platform also enables users to see who among their team members are online and initiate a private conversation. While communicating, users can upload and share all types of files from local or integrated cloud drives.
  • Calendar, Dashboards, Mobile Apps, Integrations and more ‚Äì Azendoo has a Calendar view that allows users to create, assign and move tasks interactively. It provides a high-level view of all the team’s deadlines with the ability to filter per member. Users can also switch between weekly or monthly views. The Dashboard enables users to view progress or activity instantly. Data can be sorted to provide the relevant information and team insight. Dashboard information can be easily shared to other partners and stakeholders. Native mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms allow users to stay connected while on the go. Integrations with popular apps like Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Google and through Zapier extends the power of the teamwork tool even further.
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Azendoo teamwork application offers a simple pricing plan for 3 different packages; Starter, Business, and Enterprise depending on different feature availability. Annual pricing provides a discount for the Starter and Business packages. For larger organizations, an Enterprise plan is available and includes all the major features as well as a dedicated team to help in environment set up, user provisioning, team migration, data import/export and other services. The application is free to try for 14 days.

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Target Market

Azendoo is for all types of organizations in all sectors. It is ideal for marketing teams, designer teams, project managers, team leaders, and marketing agencies.

Supported Languages

English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Czech

Some of their Clients

Clients include Adobe, Netflix, Pentagram, HubSpot, Evernote, Intercom, Kissmetrics, Riot Games, Box, MasterCard, and Coca-cola.

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Gleb Maltsev at Stoneful stated that the application helps him see what everybody is working on. It helps him focus on the workflow without having to disturb others with requests.

Gautier Papon at Argolight stated that the dashboard is a necessity for them, helping them detect points of difficulty and bottlenecks, thereby enabling them to progress faster and remove any obstacles in time.

Why Azendoo

Azendoo teamwork application provides the right blend of project management, task management and collaboration features that are easy to use, flexible enough for personal organization but also powerful to provide high-level visibility, open communication, intelligent analytics, cloud technology and smart integrations.

Company Info

Azendoo is owned by Azendoo SAS, a privately held computer software company with headquarters in Bordeaux, France. The company was founded in 2010 by Ben Droulin, President; Greg Lefort, CEO; and Chris Gagin, Manager. At the beginning, the company was directly competing with other project and task management software. These apps are being used by people for singular or specialized function but not one was enough to provide teams a complete platform. The founders then decided to create a central solution for teams that helps them assign tasks, share files and stay in sync. They are committed to make it easier for teams to do their job and work better together. The company received additional $1.5M in seed funding last September 2015.

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