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  • Xebrio Software  & Features

    Xebrio Software & Features


    Xebrio is a project management solution with tools and features for managing the entire product lifecycle from requirements to deployment. It allows project teams to deliver applications and products with complete management, control, and tracking of requirements, tasks, progress, testing, issues, and release. A single platform provides the tools that support contextual communication and easy…

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  • Corecon Software  2022

    Corecon Software 2022


    Corecon is cloud-based construction project management solution for companies of all sizes. It provides construction firms with an accessible tool to manage all types of projects throughout their entire lifecycle. The platform’s various modules integrate to enable teams to manage preconstruction, estimating, and project management activities together with project financial modules. Companies can track all…

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  • Aha! Software  for 2023

    Aha! Software for 2023

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    Aha! is a suite of product development tools that enables teams and companies to build and deliver successful products. Comprehensive and customizable tools like Roadmap, Ideas, Develop, and Create help users develop strategy, collect ideas, organize information, visualize plans, manage projects, track progress, optimize workload, create presentations, and generate reports from a single platform that…

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  • SwiftEnterprise Software  2022

    SwiftEnterprise Software 2022


    SwiftEnterprise is an AI-driven, all-in-one enterprise platform that helps teams and organizations plan, manage, and deliver projects and programs with a comprehensive set of features that include Agile project management, AI and ML, product or application lifecycle management, and visual reporting.  Table of Contents SwiftEnterprise : Features and Strengths SwiftEnterprise Pricing Who Uses SwiftEnterprise? SwiftEnterprise…

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  • Jira Service Management  2022

    Jira Service Management 2022


    Jira Service Management is an IT service management solution that enables development teams, IT ops teams, and other business teams to deliver service quickly and thoroughly. The centralized, collaborative, flexible platform is customizable to meet unique needs, teams, and workflows. Users can track work across the organization and link issues and request types to other…

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  • BQE CORE  2022

    BQE CORE 2022


    BQE CORE is an all-in-one project management, accounting, and invoicing platform built for teams to increase efficiency and improve profitability through real-time visibility of project progress and budget utilization. The integrated suite of tools provides back-office automation and dashboard reporting for time and expense tracking, scheduling, billing, and invoicing, all of which help companies centralize…

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  • The PlanMinder Software  2022

    The PlanMinder Software 2022


    The PlanMinder is a self-hosted project planning tool that automates the process of project scheduling and updating. It helps project teams keep their schedules updated based on actual work reported. Automatic feedback from daily work results in continuous project planning. The tool also factors in uncertainties and risks, or changes in scope, priorities, and resource…

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  • Best Construction Project Management Software 2023

    Best Construction Project Management Software 2023


    Construction projects are built from many smaller deliverables and subprojects, all of which a company needs to track so it can meet promised deadlines, work within a budget, and stay within scope. Construction project management software provides a single, secure platform that enables users to manage project plans, phases, schedules, budgets, and risks. More importantly,…

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  • BidBook Construction CRM  2022

    BidBook Construction CRM 2022


    BidBook is a construction CRM application built on the Salesforce platform. This unified business organization tool enables sales, estimation, bid coordinators, and financial teams to manage processes from business development and pricing, to bid management and financial reporting for general and specialty contractors. From a single collaborative cloud platform, teams can collaborate to manage bids…

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  • K-Ops Software  2022

    K-Ops Software 2022


    K-Ops is comprehensive and easy-to-use construction management software that connects users across offices and job sites. It helps all teams organize and centralize project documents from beginning to end using a secure, highly accessible cloud platform. Users can quickly track project progress and other moving work components, generate reports, and share updates with teams and…

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