Asana Introduces Search Enhancements and Dashboard Views

asana new logoAsana chose to roll-out regularly demanded features to help you accumulate insights faster as a part of Polish Week. The outcome was enhancements to My Dashboard, and a propelled look that gives you a considerably clearer picture of work tracked in Asana, and the capacity to easily find it.

Dashboard Views

My Dashboard allows you to keep a look on vital items and projects. Using project cards that demonstrate the most recent data in your dashboard using Dashboard Views, this turns out to be considerably less demanding. You can see your projects on My Dashboard ordered either by status, due date, alphabetically, or even move and customize them however you need.

Using Dashboard Views

Step by step instructions to utilize Dashboard Views:

  • On the top of the sidebar, click on My Dashboard.
  • Click View in the upper right corner.
  • Select Sort by Due Date, Color Status, or Alphabetically.

This component is specifically useful when you have to deal with a lot of project simultaneously in My Dashboard.



Utilizing Dashboard Views

  • Sort your projects by status color in the dashboard during a meeting to distinguish the red ones in order to discuss the strategy to take them towards green.
  • To see which projects require an update, sort by status color, as the projects that have not been updated in two weeks will appear dimmer than others.
  • You can also view the projects on My Dashboard by due date, so you can agree with your group about hitting due dates for the tasks that are expected soon.
  • You can arrange the projects alphabetically to ensure that you locate them easily and conveniently
  • Make a custom perspective of My Dashboard by dragging projects by priority to keep your most vital tasks on top

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows you to find tasks and discussions, or to produce a catalog of what has been done and what remains to be done. You can search by particular date ranges in advanced search, rather than within the following X days or within the past X days. You can likewise scan for projects by Project Owner.

Search By Date Range

  • Click search on the top bar, then click Advanced Search.
  • Click on the drop-down button adjacent to Due Date.
  • Click on ‘Between’ then key in the date range you’d like.



Search by Task Owner

  • Click Search in the top bar, then click Advanced Search.
  • Then click on Search by Another Field.
  • Under People select ‘In Project Owned By’.


Using New Advanced Search

  • To get to know on how one colleague’s task or projects are progressing, search for the specific task in their projects.
  • Managers can simply scan your reports’ tasks that may be due in the following 2 weeks to talk about any issues in your next meeting, and gauge their workload.
  • Utilize a particular date range to recall what was done during that specific period.

Finally, with the new Dashboard Views and Advanced Search choices, you can get more tweaked perspectives over your work, and follow up on bits of knowledge, rather than investing energy attempting to make sense of where they are. Learn more about Asana through their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn pages.


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