Best Agile Software & Tools for Project Management

When software professionals realize that how they have been building software is not working, they try to find a better way. Agile software development is the process of combining new ideas with improvements on old ones to address the disadvantages of more traditional development methods and practices. It is a greater focus on certain principles over others, such as better collaboration between development teams and end users, a higher trust for cross-functional teams, and a welcoming response to change at any point in the development.

As the agile approach generates more interest and adoption, software professionals are building the needed agile tools to support its practices and frameworks. These tools and software aim to centralize, organize, automate, and simplify the team activities and collaborative efforts with stakeholders. For example, Scrum Masters would be able to check on their team sprints, organize their daily stand-up meetings, and communicate with the rest of the organization using a cloud-based agile platform.

What is Agile Software?

Agile software tools are productivity software that support the different agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, and others. These tools enable teams to develop software, manage software projects, collaborate effectively, and provide other features that simplify and streamline team activities, especially agile software development practices.

The Top 10 Agile Software Tools

Jira Software

Jira Software is an issue and project tracking software for agile teams. It is one of the most used agile project management tools for its support of Scrum, Kanban, and mixed methodologies. It also supports agile implementation at scale with frameworks such as SAFe and LeSS.


Smartsheet is a collaboration software that enables development teams to manage agile timelines, plan projects with other teams, and streamline communication with stakeholders. Teams can build the solution they need, create roadmaps, share the view with stakeholders, and adapt to change. is an agile project management software that provides development teams the flexibility to get better results faster. It has interactive boards, automated workflows, integrations, and real-time dashboards and reporting for achieving continuous improvement.


MeisterTask is an online task management for teams that allows for collaborative task management and organization in a highly customizable environment. The Kanban-style project boards let teams easily manage their software development tasks while providing a high-level overview of the entire software project’s progress.


ClickUp is a team software with project management, collaboration, and other tools that help users minimize switching to different applications. Agile software development teams use it to manage their backlogs in Kanban board or Scrum sprints with a degree of customization and automation.

ProjectManager Logo provides software development teams with a central hub to plan and work easily together. It is among the highly-rated agile tools with features such as multiple project views including Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and task lists. It also has real-time dashboards that collect project metrics to help teams respond swiftly to changes.


ActiveCollab is an online project management software that provides software development teams the workspace to plan and organize their projects with a variety of views. Teams can easily collaborate with each other and communicate with their stakeholders on discussion threads. So feedback to the frequent releases are received and taken into consideration for the needed changes.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management software for development teams. It provides the tools to create user stories, detail the features and tasks, estimate its complexity, and set its priority. It also has automatic planning for iterations, multi-project workspaces, and analytics to show project health with burn-up, cumulative flow, and cycle time reports.

Clarizen Go

Clarizen Go is a simple task management system added to the growing agile project management tools on the market. Unlike its enterprise sibling Clarizen One, Go can be easily used by diverse teams, including cross-functional development teams. It helps manage backlogs, personalize workflows, plan epics and stories, and then group them into multi-task sprints.


Axosoft Logo

Axosoft is a Scrum software with a comprehensive set of agile software tools. It has planning tools to view the capacity of your sprints, card view to track your work, and custom dashboards to capture the right metrics for your release. It also has ticketing features, unlimited wiki pages, and a custom portal for your users.

Benefits of Agile Project Management

To help manage agile software projects, project management practices also adjusted to help teams accomplish the goals of their software projects. Some of the more visible benefits of agile project management are:

  • Reduced risks because of short but frequent periods of iterations, customer collaboration, and the goal of a working product at every end
  • Improved predictability due to consistent sprint lengths, monitoring of team speed, and updated information from daily meetings.
  • Collection of relevant metrics such as actual performance and capabilities for improving estimates of time and costs
  • Higher customer satisfaction because of the customer’s deeper involvement and engagement
  • Better product quality due to more timely discussion of requirements, continuous testing and integration, and continuous improvement through retrospectives.
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