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projectmanager-logoOverview Presentation is an online project management software that aims to help project professionals find out whether their projects are on track. This is accomplished by having a tool where team members can easily see their tasks and schedule, so they can work on the most important and urgent. The software also provides project managers information about tasks, status, and progress at a glance, so they can help resolve issues that may cause delay. Finally, it allows collaboration so that team members can communicate and share files directly in real-time using a single centralized application.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Strong Core PM online project management software enables users to create plans, tasks and schedules online that can easily be shared to the team and updated. Users can monitor the progress and compare planned vs actual progress and schedules. Users can assign resources, create dependencies and set alerts. It has a powerful and interactive Gantt chart that provides a visual indicator of the health and status of the project. It can also import easily from MS Project or Excel. It has dashboards that allow for tracking of task progress and project cost.
  • Status Reporting and Resource Planning – This project management software helps users obtain information quickly with many types of reports. With a few clicks, they can generate project status reports that can be viewed online or saved as PDF, Excel or CSV. Progress reports can automatically calculate and reveal numbers about planned vs actual time spent, and help project managers determine if they are on time and/or on budget. Resource management features help in workload planning as well as monitoring, thereby making sure resources are optimized without overloading.
  • Timesheets, Collaboration, Mobile and more – ProjectManager has a built-in timesheet for team members to enter time spent on tasks and even add notes to each entry. They can view the total time per week and can also simply copy the previous week’s entry in one click. The software also has a calendar and a personal dashboard where a user can see his or her projects, tasks, messages and the latest discussion threads. It is available for both the iPhone and Android platform with native apps. It also has other tools such as a centralized document management page, integrations with Microsoft Office and Project, third-party apps like Salesforce, QuickBooks, Dropbox, Evernote, Podio, and more, as well as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Apps. It has a REST API for custom integration.

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Pricing offers three premium plans, the Personal, Team and Business plans. The Personal plan includes task management, dashboards, Gantt charts and calendars. The Team plan includes all Personal plan features with the addition of team management, collaboration, timesheets, expenses and reports. The Business plan has all the feature of the previous plans plus multiple project management, advanced reports, email integration, apps and plugins, a dedicated account manager and more. They offer a 30-day free trial period.

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Target Market online project management software is ideal for startups, SMBs and large organizations who have a requirement for project planning and tracking with a built-in collaboration platform. It is valuable for project managers and team members. Companies that use Microsoft products can integrate easily with it.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include NASA, United Nations, Deloitte, GE, HP, Nike, US Postal Service, Wells Fargo and Coca-Cola.

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Chris Neilson of Allegiance stated that ProjectManager gives them the ability to track hours of the team and see where they are profitable, down to the task level.

Miguel Ferrer of Volvo described the software as simple to use, very easy to manipulate and can get anyone started managing projects in minutes.

Why ProjectManager is a better alternative to spreadsheets or installed PM software. As an online application, it is highly accessible and built for collaboration, which are essential requirements in today’s project-centric business landscape. It has great visual planning, tracking and reporting features, mobile-ready, works well with Microsoft and Google Apps, and can be integrated with many other cloud tools. It can definitely improve in having a timer for its timesheets, as well as an approval workflow.

Company Info is a SaaS product of Project Manager Online Ltd, a privately held computer software company with office in Austin, TX, USA. It was launched in 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand, founded and is led by CEO Jason Westland. The company is made up of talented staff who are experts in both project management and online business. Since its launch, it has achieved very high growth rates, has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies, adopted by a wide variety of industries, used in over 100 countries, and has received several top awards. The company remains committed in helping project managers keep their projects on track.

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