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ActivTrak Premium Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

ActivTrak PremiumActivTrak Premium is the latest offering from ActivTrak, an online workforce analytics software for productivity management and employee monitoring. It provides data-driven insights through easy-to-use dashboards and reports so you can improve workforce productivity and operational efficiency. Gain a real-time digital pulse of your team’s work, wherever or whenever they work. Quickly compile and correlate productivity data across teams and individual team members to spot healthy patterns or danger signals.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

Work efficiency

ActivTrak lets you view key insights across people, processes, and technology to help organizations increase their productivity, reduce risk, optimize work, and ensure healthy work habits. ActivTrak Premium lets users conduct focused work analysis by providing insights into how long teams are able to stay focused without interruptions. They get a view of total work hours versus productive and focused hours. Users can track productive and focused time versus goals set by teams, and then compare results to an organization’s average. They can also review productive and focus time to highlight distractions and attention shifts from inefficient workflows in order to minimize them. The software identifies the top apps and sites that affect productivity and focused work.

Workload balance

The workforce analytics software lets users assess which employees are at risk for burnout and what factors are contributing to employee strain. ActivTrak Premium gives a view of work habits across teams to spot those that are working long and off-hours on a regular basis. It helps users assess where working hours are spiking or are consistently high so they can identify team members who need support. They can set utilization thresholds, check how the settings impact team classification, and rebalance work as needed. ActivTrak also helps identify employees at risk of burning out and employees with low levels of engagement. It provides insights to understand if teams engage in healthy breaks detailed to the number of average breaks per user per day within a selected date range.

Technology usage

ActivTrak identifies which apps teams are using and how often so organizations can invest in the right technologies and training. It lets users measure frequency of use and duration across top apps, sites, and categories to help assess if activities align with roles and responsibilities. Users can easily analyze adoption trends for specific apps, sites, or categories with a click for more detail. They can identify new applications that need vetting to avoid compliance risks or check for overlapping functionality or low usage.

Individual productivity, benchmarks, goal settings, and more

ActivTrak Premium lets you see productivity across team members. It provides insights into personal work habits to help each team member understand what hinders or enables their productivity. Team benchmarks give insights into a team’s typical productivity levels as well as their top quartile achievements. Teams can use historic benchmarks to help set and track future goals. ActivTrak lets users view average values for team members for yesterday, last week, last 4 weeks, and last 12 weeks. The software also provides a view of daily trends to understand how productivity and focus changed in the last 12 weeks. Through ActivConnect add-on, you can use pre-built dashboards and reports to connect with Power BI, MS Teams, Google Data Studio, Tableau, and monday.com. Also, direct data access via SQL lets you correlate ActivTrak data with data from other sources such as Xero, Salesforce, Jira, Splunk, and Zapier.


ActivTrak pricing

ActivTrak offers several plans including the latest ActivTrak Premium. At $15 per user per month billed annually, with a minimum of 5 users to unlimited users, it includes unlimited storage ideal for companies looking to optimize productivity performance, business processes, and outcomes. ActivTrak Premium includes all features in the Advanced plan with additional team productivity goal setting and tracking, team productivity benchmarks, and health dashboards, among others. ActivTrak Advanced at $9 per user per month billed annually with a minimum of 5 users is ideal for managing team engagement and productivity. The Free plan is for up to 3 users with 3GB of storage. A custom Enterprise plan is also available.

ActivTrak pricing

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Target Market

ActivTrak Premium is ideal for mid-sized to large businesses and enterprises with a need for workforce analytics and management, productivity monitoring, and user activity monitoring. It is applicable across industries where there is a need to collect and analyze data to understand what people do at work and how they do it.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Nobu Hotels, Axos Bank, City of Malibu, York International Agency, RE/MAX, US Xpress, Ship Sticks, Allstate Insurance, and OpTech.



Chris Cunningham enlisted the help of ActivTrak to provide his company’s clients an efficient way to improve employee oversight and mitigate theft. He was able to deploy quickly a solution that is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Chris stated that the setup process for ActivTrak took seconds and operating the administrative console was a breeze. Furthermore, his clients got what they were looking for and his company had no problems implementing it.

Catherine Tio needed a solution to monitor the productivity of the company’s employees, block websites that do not contribute to it, and determine which individuals need extra coaching. She needed a way to determine which employees were taking advantage of work hours for personal business and proof of these activities. With ActivTrak’s free trial, it was immediately apparent that it was the perfect match for the company’s needs. They were able to track application and web usage, allowing them to see which employees remained focused when managers were not around.

Why ActivTrak

ActivTrak Premium lets you recognize patterns that improve performance and gain insights that ensure healthy work habits. Through goal setting and progress tracking, organizations can enable a culture of continuous improvement. Unlocking team productivity potential starts with individual productivity, and ActivTrak lets you uncover into how employees and teams work so you can find solutions to a more successful workforce and business.

Company Info

Birch Grove Software, Inc., doing business as ActivTrak, is a privately held software company based in Austin, TX. Founded in 2012 by Anton Seidler and Herb Axilrod, ActivTrak started as an employee monitoring tool but evolved to a productivity platform that provides workforce visibility and insights. The company adopted a different approach with a belief that productivity is not about surveillance or tracking but about insights that come from analyzed digital user activity.



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