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CRM Comparison: Zoho CRM vs Keap

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For today’s consumers, a quality product or service is not enough. About 8 out of 10 consumers rank experience as important as products or services. People will go where they have the best experiences with a willingness to try new products and brands. One of the drivers of customer experience is convenience. Consumers will go to the company that is easiest to do business with. And one of the ways to focus on customer experience and build better relationships is with the help of CRM software like Zoho CRM or Keap.

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The Zoho CRM approach

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Zoho CRM is a sales CRM software that enables users to build better customer relationships. The software helps sales convert more leads and engage with customers across channels to grow revenue. Customers in various industries such as life science, financial services, real estate, retail, insurance, and services use the software across 180 countries. Features include journey orchestration that provides a seamless personalized brand experience, process management that help sales teams define their process, and omnichannel marketing features that allow real-time conversation across websites, email, and social media.

Sales force automation

Zoho CRM lets you and your team automate routine sales functions so you can spend more valuable time with your customers. Lead management helps capture leads, automate lead scoring, identify leads that will convert, and provide detailed contact information for easier followup. Deal management lets you track the deals across stages so you can seize opportunities. Contact management gives you real-time insights of customers and helps you connect across channels. Workflow management lets you create optimized workflows to reduce manual activities, eliminate redundancies, and speed up the sales process.

Marketing automation

Zoho CRM includes tools to help you segment your contacts so you can send targeted campaigns. Lead nurturing is easier as you track prospects across the funnel and provide them with relevant content at every stage. Use the software to manage events and communicate with attendees by sending invites to contacts and leads. It also integrates with Google Ads so you can compare your campaigns against sales, monitor your spending, and determine which campaigns are successful.


Analytics give you a variety of tools, components, and capabilities to measure different activities. Zoho CRM’s real-time reporting covers sales trends, marketing campaigns, activity reports, and team performance. You can create dashboards that monitor key performance indicators to help you analyze trends. Other capabilities include identifying sales potential, tracking high quality deals, measuring marketing ROI, and identifying the best performers in your team.

The Keap approach

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Keap CRM, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is a CRM, sales, and marketing automation software. The CRM platform includes tools and features to help businesses grow sales and improve efficiency with automation. Businesses replace multiple tools with a single platform, simplify their processes, and register more sales with the help of the CRM software. It offers several products for different business size and requirements. The all-in-one system includes features such as email marketing, sales pipeline, invoices, payments, and appointments.

Sales and marketing automation

Keap has sales and marketing automation tools so you can spend less time on manual activities. A drag-and-drop interface lets you build automation rules easily. Use templates to capture new leads, assign tasks, and send emails. The automation builder is flexible and customizable to automate any sales or marketing process. Set up an automatic process for sending texts and emails to help nurture leads. Send emails automatically whenever you move a lead from one stage to the next.


Keap provides a single place where you can store and search all client information, activity, and communications. Its client management feature helps you follow up, update records, and receive payment. The software integrates with Gmail and Outlook so you can automatically update your contact record with every email message. You can respond promptly to incoming leads and existing contacts with an automatic process for sending messages. Save time by using pre-written email templates and finding all your most important daily details at a glance in the interface. You can also retrieve shared files and documents or refer to a history of meetings and payments.

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Reporting and analytics

Reports cover all marketing data such as conversions by sales stage and lead source. It can measure form completion, email open rates, click throughs, campaign performance, and contact action. You can track sales reports by day, week, or month and compare to previous time periods. It can also show trends in payments, revenues, and transactions. Other features are engagement analytics, advanced filters, and revenue growth visualization.

Ready to decide on Zoho CRM vs. Keap?

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Both Zoho CRM and Keap offer free trial periods so you can test drive the applications. They both integrate with many popular online apps and services, and both have native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Zoho CRM is ideal for businesses of all sizes with a focused requirement on sales force automation. It also has capable reporting, dashboards, and forecasting tools. Zoho CRM pricing differs according to four different plans depending on business size and sets of features. Keap is a small business CRM with tools and features for growing businesses. Companies looking for powerful marketing automation tools, customer support, and customization will gain the greatest benefit from using the software. Keap pricing depends on the different products with associated features and number of contacts.

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