Wrike Adds OneDrive Integration, New iOS App, and More

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wrike logoWrike online project management software brought custom workflows and custom fields a few months ago to provide its users more flexibility while getting things done. In its mission to help them continuously become a high performing team and accomplish more, it is once again announcing more features and updates. Included in the latest release are another file storage integration, an enhanced iOS app, better folder permissions control and a nifty way to adjust schedules.

OneDrive Integration

Wrike online project management and collaboration software not only work greats on its own but also with other applications. It has more than a dozen categories of various integrations which includes file storage. In the past, it already has enabled users who have Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Evernote accounts to upload their files into their Wrike tasks. Now, it has added Microsoft OneDrive to the list. Users can now attach their files stored in OneDrive to Wrike tasks and make collaboration smoother. In using it the first time, the user has to connect his or her OneDrive account to Wrike and grant it access. After, they will be able to browse and attach files when they select the Attach file icon from any Wrike task.

wrike onedrive integration

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New Wrike iOS App

In August 2014, Wrike introduced its first native iPhone and iPad app. Last month, it has released an enhanced version with new features, improved notification settings and bug fixes that has made it more stable. Version 2.1 has been completely rebuilt from scratch to make it faster and more reliable. Furthermore, the new design allows users to stay on top of all their personal to-do items with My Work. It is also easier to add new tasks and see notifications you want. Searching for tasks is faster with additional filters, as well as attaching photos by taking pictures directly from a task, which will automatically make the attachment.

wrike new ios-1


The Wrike iOS app’s new design also now has more space for the user to take notes or write detail project briefs. It also has the new custom Workflows introduced a few months ago in the web version. Any workflow enabled in a user account will be reflected across platforms, whether with the web version, Android, or the iOS app. There is also a redesign for the iPad version that includes a three-pane view similar to the web version.

wrike new ios-2

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New Folder Permissions

Wrike effectively combines PM functionality with a central workspace for collaboration, discussion and document sharing. However, it is still prudent to maintain a degree of control especially when handling sensitive client project information. The online project management software now has added a new level of folder permissions aside from the full and limited (read-only) access to folders. The Editor role is an interim permission level that has all user capabilities to make changes to task except delete, share or move the tasks or folders, or change the parent folder of the project. With this new role setting, people can continue to collaborate without the danger of making unwanted changes or sharing sensitive information.

wrike editor role


Timeline Update

Wrike‘s latest feature update is the ability to adjust a project’s deadline in the Gantt chart. Just by dragging the milestone while holding the Shift key, all attached tasks will be rescheduled accordingly without the need for manually adjusting the tasks one by one. When the pointer is placed on the milestone and the Shift key is pressed, the pointer becomes an arrow to tell the user that he or she can drag it forward or backward and all active (uncompleted) tasks will be rescheduled correspondingly. All completed tasks will retain their original dates and status in the Timeline.

wrike milestone

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