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Overview Presentation

Week Plan is an online planner that links tasks with the users’ objectives. More than a calendar and a to-do app, it helps users state their vision, specify their objectives, and identify their roles. These aspects can then help them prioritize tasks they plan weekly using a matrix that categorizes the tasks as important and urgent, urgent but not important, important but not urgent, and not urgent or important. Based on principles from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, users plan their weekly tasks in order to be not just only productive, but also effective.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Prioritization – Week Plan is a priority planning application that helps users figure out not only what needs to be done, but what really matters. It has a Quardrant View or Eisenhower Quadrant tool that helps people categorize the priority of their workload. It has a High Impact Tasks (HITs) pane that are always visible. Users can set their goals for the quarter and break them down in smaller and more achievable HITs. For people who wear many hats, it helps them identify their different roles, and segment the tasks by role or area of responsibility. A Week View provides an adequate period of time and a right balance that has enough space to plan and a window short enough to focus on execution.
  • Time Tracking and Calendar – The online planner includes a Pomodoro Timer that encourages users to break efforts into two cycles: a 25 minutes of intense focus, and a 5 minutes of rest. The time spent on pomodoros are added to the time tracked on tasks. It also has a Day Summary view to let users see how they are tracking against their time estimates. The Calendar has drag-and-drop functionality for easy scheduling of tasks. It automatically rolls over uncompleted tasks to the following day. It has a repeating tasks feature to help create habits, and unlimited nested subtasks for breaking down large tasks. Files can be attached to tasks.
  • Integrations and Teams – Week Plan is available with a web version, Windows and Mac OS desktops, iOS, Android, and a Chrome extension. It integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook. Users can cc: the Week Plan email address in an email to have it appear on the planner. They can also create task lists via email. It supports iCal format for exporting the schedule in other calendars. It also has SMS integration, and Zapier integration, that makes automation possible. The Team feature allows assignment of tasks to team members. Users can create a different workspace for each group of people they collaborate with. Comments to tasks allow for easy discussion, and users can reply to comments by email also.


Week Plan offers 3 paid plans, which can be paid monthly or yearly. The Student plan is priced at $1 per week, and includes the planner and repeating tasks feature. The Pro plan is at $2 per week, includes all Student plan features, with Quadrant View, attachments, Team features, and Goals (OKRs). The Ultimate plan is at $3 per week, and includes all features, including Vision, subtasks, calendar sync, reminders, SMS integration, Pomodoro timer, and more. A free trial period is available, but no mention of the exact number of days.

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Target Market

Week Plan is for individuals, freelancers, consultants, and teams who are looking for an online weekly planning tool that incorporates prioritization and goals on top of a task management and scheduling application. Managers, developers, entrepreneurs, SMBs, startups, creative agencies, and marketers can get the most benefit of using the software.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NASA, and FranklinCovey Co. Take-me-to-their-Website


Charmaine F. stated that Week Plan helps keep her focused on what is important. Now, she knows what to work on instead of just putting out fires daily. Andrew N. described the Weekly View as an amazing feature for planning out his week. Week Plan has everything that a person could want in a task manager, with a perfect combination of kanban and time scheduling.

Why Week Plan

Week Plan differentiates itself from other to-do apps and calendaring software by incorporating principles of effectiveness as the basis of prioritizing tasks. From the start, it clarifies first how users see themselves, their objectives and roles, and guides them with how they can be productive and effective using an intuitive weekly planning, time tracking, and scheduling application.

Company Info

Week Plan is a product of Wise Labs Pty, a privately held software company based in Sydney, Australia. It is founded by Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli in 2010. Aymeric is a software engineer who is a full time consultant, but at the same time has a very active life, playing sports, in a relationship, and running a side business of developing games on Facebook. To manage his time and priorities, he read books on GTD, and look for apps to help his productivity. But he realized that he is focusing on the wrong things, because what he needs is to know what is important to him. After reading the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, it reminded him to reconnect with his values so he can prioritize better. Looking for a tool online to implement this, he did not find one, so he decided to build one. The company is commited to its vision of helping people and organizations align their actions with their vision. Take-me-to-their-Website

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