Website without a Live Chat: Example of Poor Customer Relationship Management

Today, almost every organization has its own official website. Whether you are selling online or not, you need your own website in both the cases. A website enhances the visibility of your business by creating awareness about your products among the potential customers. There are various types of websites each having its own unique features. Do you know that not every type of website is effective and useful? Yes, it is true and I also came to know about it a few days back when I compared the rating of websites having live chat with those which do not have live chat section.

If we go back in past then the use of live chat section was your own will but now the trends have changed. Currently it has become necessary for every organization to use the live chat section in their website. It is due to the fact that customers look for convenience and comfort and when they do not get it on your website then they simply switch on to other similar websites. It means that those companies whose websites do not contain live chat section provide opportunities to their competitors to attract their customers. Nothing can be worst then this.

What is Live Chat?

A live chat section as the name implies provides opportunity to your potential customers to interact with your organization in order to discuss important issues before buying your product. According to the recent statistics, a website having live chat section generates double the amount of revenues generated by other websites that do not have live chat section. It’s not only about the revenues; live chat section also helps you to achieve customer satisfaction.

Although, live chat section is important for all types of websites irrespective of the nature of business they are doing but it is particularly good for companies selling software packages. Consider yourself a customer who wants to get a software package for managing the processes of his business.  Now can you buy the software without knowing that how it works and which features it includes etc? To be honest, I cannot do so until I get each and every detail about the software as the selection of wrong software can lead to loss of investment so if you are selling software then you must add live chat section in your website. You will feel the difference by yourself.

I am sure, you must have heard people saying that good customer service is very important to get success but have you ever thought what actually good customer service is? If you are providing relevant information about your company and your products or services to your customers in a timely manner then it means you are providing good customer service. Generally customer service is measured through live chat, email, telephone and filling forms so you must contain all these things on your website.

Top Websites for Live Chat,, and, are some of the websites that are offering the facility of live chat to its customers.

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