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Waffle Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

Waffle is a free online project management solution for developers using GitHub. It adds a visualization tool for teams using GitHub Issues and pull requests. GitHub has its own bug tracker called Issues, and it has its own section in every repository. On the other hand, Waffle is built on top of the GitHub API, and it provides users a way to interact with their issues and pull requests in the form of cards on a board. The two systems are completely in sync, so teams can use either system and remain updated in real-time.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Real-time Sync with GitHub ‚Äì Waffle project management tool is powered by GitHub Issues and Pull Requests. Thus, it stays in sync with all the users’ repositories. Teams can work in either system, whichever makes more sense: a plain list Issues or a more friendly board. In contrast, Waffle provides a visual tracking tool that transforms long lists into a cards on a board. These cards easily show a big picture of tasks that are planned, those that are currently being worked on, and tasks that will be worked on next.
  • Automatic Tracking and Powerful Metrics ‚Äì This project management solution also provides features for teams to track work automatically. It listens to the actions in the workflow and takes its cue. Thus, it knows when work has started, when it is ready for review, or when it is finished. A recommended workflow will allow automatic work tracking features that includes updating of status. It also has metrics such as milestone burndown graph and throughput graph. These graphs will help teams know if they are on track to ship a feature and provide better understanding of the teams capabilities.
  • On-premise deployment, integrations and more ‚Äì Waffle is compatible with GitHub Enterprise with its own on-premise version called Waffle Takeout. It also works with GitHub.com. Takeout has all the same features but runs on a user’s own server. Waffle integrates with Slack, allowing users to receive notifications whenever cards move on the boards. A Wafflebot helps updates boards automatically. Other features include connecting multiple repos in a single view, customizable workflows, and filtering via labels, issue text, milestone, or owner.


Waffle offers a freemium pricing model. The free Plain plan includes the board, the Wafflebot, multiple repos in one view, unlimited collaborations, and unlimited private and public repositories. The Personal Toppings plan is priced at $5 per month, while the Organization Toppings better suited for teams is priced at $25 per month. These include all features in the free plan with the addition of the milestone burndown graph and throughput graph. The on-premise Takeout version is available for a free 45-day trial period. It has two plans, one with a maximum of 15 users, and another with tiered pricing, depending on the number of users.

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Target Market

Waffle is for teams that use GitHub or GitHub Enterprise. It provides these users, both developers and non-developer teams, a visual project tracking system.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include Adjust, Key Location, Modern Web, and TeamSnap.


Paul Muller stated that Waffle provides their company a simple but necessary layer for organizational planning. With it, they are able to easily prioritize work to be done.

Rhys Arkins described it as an essential part in their company’s development and project management workflow. The Kanban board view works best in viewing and planning a project’s progress. But they can also take advantage of the native issue tracking in GitHub and still remain synced.

Why Waffle

Waffle provides a more visual way for project management using GitHub’s own issue tracking system. Furthermore, it provides additional features that make collaboration for both development and non-development teams easier. At the same time, it provides important metrics and custom workflows.

Company Info

Waffle is a startup company by a team from CA Technologies, a publicly traded software and technology company with headquarters in New York, NY, USA. Waffle was launched in 2013 by a team led by Andrew Homeyer, a software engineer and intrapreneur at Rally Software in Boulder, CO, USA. Rally was acquired by CA Technologies in May 2015. At present, Andrew is continuing to lead the enterprise lean startup company.

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