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Overview Presentation

VOGSY is a professional services automation (PSA) platform that offers a suite of integrated tools. It is a business solution and a natural extension to Google G-Suite. For the many organizations that uses G-Suite, they want business applications that are instantly ready to use, connected with other tools, familiarly uncomplicated, and shared for collaboration. VOGSY runs on Google Cloud and provides users an automation platform that enables them to run all areas of their professional service business.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Project Management, Resource Management – VOGSY has project management tools that help support project teams and sales. Users are able to follow PM best practices and fundamentals with features for project planning, resource planning, and budget planning. It has built-in tools for team collaboration and document management. Other features include milestones, deliverables, and activities that keep everyone on the same page. Resource Management features allow businesses to profit from better skills utilization and match accurately customer demands. They are able to make use of the right skills with the right rates at the right time. Tools include heat maps, role and skill matching, and automated resourcing suggestions.
  • Time and Expenses, Finance and Billing – The PSA platform includes time and expenses features that make it easy for users to enter, record, or capture time and expenses. It has pre-populated timesheets, a stopwatch to automatically track time spent, and notifications and approvals on any device. Professional service organizations have easy 24/7 access to their chart of accounts, AR, AP, and corporate P&L. It has tools for automated billing with flexibile schedules, and real-time reporting.
  • Data and Insight, Timeline and Collaboration, CRM, and more – VOGSY provides executives and all other users insight about the business through real-time sales, customer metrics, project metrics, and utilization metrics. It has configurable KPI boards, and displays revenue, performance, P&L as needed. Timeline and collaboration tools keep users updated on opportunities, project events, and other important activites through special pages ‘My activities today’ and ‘My approvals.’ Team members are able to chat and comment anytime in context. CRM features automate quotes and SOWs based on draft project plans. It also enables them to manage margins, pipelines, and forecasts. Other features include customer and project lifetime updates and alerts. Integration with Jira, Salesforce, Quick Books, Zero, Zapier, and others.


VOGSY offers a simple pricing model of $19 per user per month. This includes all features, unlimited accounts, opportunites, projects, and resources. Tech support is included. They also offer a one-time optional all-in onboard pack at $2400. It includes setup, education, help in data uploads, back-end structure, project setup, and training.

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Target Market

VOGSY is ideal for all sizes of professional service organizations on G-Suite. Typical clients are software companies, management consultancies, marketing agencies, law firms, accountants, and architects.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Specialisterren, The Kirkman Company, Konsälidön, Metis Communications, White Stratus, and SS Branch. Take-me-to-their-Website


Sjoerd van der Maaden stated that getting everyone in the company on board VOGSY was instant. He also saw near-instant improvements in efficiency, where their invoicing workload went from 2 days to 2 hours, with zero errors. Ivar Davids described the PSA software as intuitive, built with the social style of Google UI. Therefore, anyone who can use a social app can use VOGSY.


VOGSY is a smart and cohesive system that provides professional service organizations an integrated solution for all areas of their business. Instead of using multiple tools that may not scale, PSOs gain improvements in how they plan projects, allocate resources, track time, and bill accurately to keep their business growing. The online collaborative software on Google Cloud platform is simple, intuitive, highly accessible, and provides real-time reporting and insight to help all types of users the ability to make informed decisions.

Company Info

VOGSY is a privately held software company specializing in professional services automation based in Boston, MA, USA. Before becoming a separate company, it was a product of AllSolutions, a PSA vendor based in Woerden, The Netherlands. VOGSY was founded in 2015 by Leo Koster, the CEO of AllSolutions. The name stands for “very old guy staying young,” which reflects the objective of the experienced executives in exploring new and relevant ways to help professional service organizations continually evolve, improve, and stay ahead. Take-me-to-their-Website

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