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twoodo logoOverview Presentation

Twoodo is an online team collaboration tool on social-style platform to help team communication be more effective, enjoyable and simpler. Today, there are many simple to-do list apps in the market as well as full-blown project management tools. While some to-do list apps are geared more for personal use, complex project management tools can be intimidating for others. In between these two is an alternative: a microsyntax-based work management tool for the #hashtag generation.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Ease of use ‚Äì Twoodo online team collaboration tool uses microsyntactic characters such as #hashtags and @mentions that are familiar to many people who use Twitter and other social media networks. The use of these characters that directly translate to a way of organizing work, communicating with teammates, delegating tasks and setting dates helps users adopt the platform quickly without going through a steep learning curve. Thus, users can focus more on getting work done instead of spending much time learning the features and functions. Although it is a better work channel than email, it does not completely do away with email such that users can still take part while using their email client programs.
  • Real-time Team Collaboration and Mobility ‚Äì To create a team in this collaboration tool, a user needs only to use the plus (+) character, add names and invite them. By adding the +teamname tag, everyone gets the message and updates about a specific topic or project. One-to-one private messaging is also possible. Its Workflow Conversations allow users to do everything in one central page and still organize according to tasks, files and dates. The application uses modern web technology but is also available for free on Mac OSX and Windows desktop, iPhone and Android platforms for users on the go.
  • Task Management, Document Sharing, Integrations and more ‚Äì Twoodo integrates seamlessly within conversations the ability to add and assign tasks, upload and share files, preview images, create polls, and set due dates. It has predictive search to find items easily. It also integrates with third-party apps such as BitBucket, Box, Crashlytics, Dropbox, GitHub, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Jira, Mixpanel, OneDrive, Slack, Trello, and UserVoice. It can also be installed on one’s server on-premise.
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Twoodo offers its PRO plan at $7.99 per user per month. Advance payment for 3, 6 and 12 months results in discounts. This plan includes for unlimited messages, teams, users and tasks. They will have access to Conversation view, Task view, File view and Calendar view. It also includes 20 GB online storage space, free native iPhone and Android apps, live chat support and user management control. It is free to try for 14 days upon which the user is downgraded to a limited feature free plan if they do not select a plan during or after the trial period. twoodo pricing

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Twoodo online collaboration tool is ideal for project managers, freelancers, small teams, startups, small companies or teams within large departments.

Supported Language


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Matt Doak described the combination of Twitter-chatter and a PM tool makes it an incredible application that allows users to hold real day-to-day communication while accomplishing work. Hugh Gaukroger stated that the ease of use and intuitive posting system enabled his team to get organized quickly.

Why Twoodo

Using more than one business tool is inefficient, but learning to use a new productivity application sometimes can be intimidating and time consuming that might not be used at all. Twoodo solves these problems by being easy to use and yet powerful enough to handle today’s modern work environment with the use of simple characters such as the very familiar #hashtag and @mentions.

Company Info

Twoodo, Ltd is a privately held software company with headquarters in Sellindge, Kent, UK. The company was founded in 2013 by Denis Duvauchelle, CEO, David Arnoux, Marketing, and Guillaume Acard, CTO. They were joined by Sean Antony who is a mobile developer and Patrick Zeeuw from Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam, an incubator/ startup accelerator. The company has received seed funding of over $300k. In August 2014, it has reached 10,000 registered users and is experiencing 39 percent month-on-month growth. It is now venturing into the enterprise market with the help of implementation partners. It has recently added integrations to popular tools on the market to help share information regardless of format, so that users can use important information immediately. Take me to their Website

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