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Overview Presentation

TouchBase is an integrated project management software focusing on project, process, and product lifecycle management. It is a platform rather than a single application, which is composed of several products, such as project and portfolio management, program management, requirements management, and many more. On a solutions or process perspective, it specializes on 3 things: a Quote to Cash process common to professional services, an Idea to Launch process that brings new products to market, and a Request to Completion process which is usual in internal projects such as new initiatives.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Integrated Enterprise Platform ‚Äì TouchBase is a comprehensive platform that has several software modules tightly integrated as an end-to-end solution. It has management modules for project and portfolio, program, internal request, requirements, risk, and many more. Aside from PPM, it also has tools for resource management, project financials, supply chain management, sales management, and product development. It also has integrated quality and content management modules, customer-facing applications for customer support and satisfaction surveys. Other modules include employee self-service, enterprise collaboration and integrations features.
  • Flexible Process-Driven Solutions ‚Äì The integrated software can be customized to tailor-fit a company’s business requirement. It also has proven solutions that cater to several types of business models. Several modules can be combined seamlessly together to tackle customer-requested, made-to-order projects or time and materials contracts. It also flexibly handles product development and launching projects, as well as internal strategic and value realization initiatives.
  • Modular, Flexible Deployment, Industry-specific Solution, Mobile, and more ‚Äì TouchBase is modular where customers can choose from over 25 software modules. This eliminates the need for multiple disconnected applications and additional time to consolidate and integrate data. It can be deployed online as a cloud solution or installed on-premise. It works across mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows devices. Turnkey solutions for specific industries such as professional services, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, engineering, manufacturing, and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) are available. It also integrates with other applications, such as MS Project, AutoCAD, and other ERP and CRM apps. It also has a partnership program.


Pricing depends on the specific customer requirements, deployment, and solution implementation. Those interested can request a demo from their sales department.

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Target Market

TouchBase is an enterprise project management software for business of all sizes. It can cater to many types of industries and sectors because of its modular setup, but also ideal to professional services, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, engineering and manufacturing, and EPC companies.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include SunSource Energy, Bajaj Finance, Packsys Global, BMR Advisors, Eureka Forbes, Eltek, MSN Labs, and Eicher.


Dr. Ajay Prabhu stated that their TouchBase integration with Oracle ERP gave them a successful end-to-end solution that covers from proposal development to project closure. Objectives attained included faster response time, improved deliverables quality, improved productivity, and better control, visibility and predictability. Frank Euvrard stated that the integrated project management system helped their company create a single repository for all project information. As a result, it eliminated duplication while increasing transparency. These led to efficiency and productivity, which resulted in speedy deliveries and better customer experience.

Why TouchBase

TouchBase is a comprehensive solution with a wide selection of modules that allows the customer to work with the right applications they need. Its modular setup also brings in flexibility for scale and growth, without having to worry about complex, tedious, and unproven 3rd party integration. It supports different PM methodologies such as waterfall, agile, ticket-based, task-based, and others. The software has received several industry awards over the years. Also, customer feedback on service support and response are also very positive.

Company Info

TouchBase is a product of Dossier Solutions, a privately held enterprise software product company with headquarters in Pune, India, and sales offices in Bangalore and Delhi, India, and New York, USA. It was founded in 2005 by Sandeep Kumar, CEO; Akash Agrawal, Head of Professional Services; O Chandrashekhar, Head of Engineering; and Shivani Kumar, Head of Marketing. The management team is composed of leaders with both professional and entrepreneurial experience. They saw a large global opportunity in the enterprise software solution space. TouchBase was first released in 2007, with a vision to deliver a solution that combines knowledge, technology, innovation, and simplicity to help customers achieve and exceed their goals. They are committed to becoming a leader in the markets and verticals they operate.

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