Top 6 Business Travel Solutions For a Busy Project Manager

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Five Business Travel Solutions For a Busy Project ManagerThere are lots of moving parts to a company. It takes far more than weekly staff meetings to get everyone coordinated. That’s why project management is the most critical part of every successful business operation. Project managers keep everyone on track. They ensure that goals are reached at designated times. The best project managers stay in touch with management and staff on a constant basis. While project managers are often required to go off site for meetings with clients, keeping lines of communication open is paramount. The following applications are a must-have for any project manager who finds him or herself out in the field while still managing key processes back at the office.


aceproject-logoProject management software solutions do not require a large budget, however, the return in your efficiency and ability to track increases incredibly. Although many alternatives exist, finding the right tool for your needs might be a complex process. Compared to many other collaboration software, AceProject provides a unique solution: a feature-rich web-based project management software that remains simple and easy-to-use. AceProject is a straight forward and simply works. We recommend Bridge24 for AceProject if you need powerful add-ons for AceProject.


Asana LogoAsana is considered one of the best ways to create cohesion between staff spread out around multiple locations. There are a slew of apps that enable remote workers to collaborate, but many are not user friendly. Asana, however, has a smarter design and simpler to use interface than others. It’s available for both iPhone and Android users, so both can benefit from its superior capacity to help busy people meet deadlines. Whether a project manager is on an aircraft charter or in an elevator, they’re empowered with the ability to assign tasks and stay on top of their progress. You can upload files to it and add comments or links to online resources. Teams that consist of 15 or less can actually use Asana’s free version, Many project managers agree that its one of the most essential business travel solutions. We recommend Bridge24 for Asana if you need powerful add-ons for Asana.


trello-logoIt wouldn’t be fair not to mention Trello, another popular web-based project management tool. The best proof that it expertly facilitates complicated projects is that it has over 13 million users. It’s not only within the price range of the mostly highly compensated team leader working from a VIP jet charter. Trello also offers a basic subscription that’s absolutely free. We recommend Bridge24 for Trello if you need powerful add-ons for Trello.


basecamp-logoBasecamp prides itself on being more than an app. It’s a platform that takes cross-functionality to a higher level. Users log into a virtual office space where they work together as if they were physically in the same room. Basecamp comes with tutorials and its own philosophy on how to most effectively collaborate. It gets rave reviews for its ease of use. It’s not an icon on a screen that obscures the relationship between individuals and their companies. The founder, Jason Fried, created it to stimulate more personal interactions between people who need to be in constant contact and share important information but are not in the same room. Some might say it’s a state-of-the-art travel management system. We recommend Bridge24 for Basecamp if you need powerful add-ons for Basecamp.


mindjet logoMindjet is ideal for the developmental phase of a major project during which the actual plan has not been made and is still being worked out. It enables the creation of maps and flowcharts. It’s perfect for brainstorming because it allows you to visualize a plan through diagramming.It is not, however, a toy that you can have fun making drawings with. It has the functionality that’s desired from any software. You can, for example, upload documents to it. Mindjet even has a network for users to share their ideas on best practices for how to use the product.


Dropbox-logoDropbox is a popular app that is best known for its cloud storage services, but it can be much more than a place to park files. Teams that need to share photos, videos and written content benefit from the speed with which they can access, edit and save changes made. It can take a few seconds to upload or download, but contact between Dropbox users basically takes place in real time. It supports project management efforts without a tall learning curve and is the closest you can get to being able to hand important material back and forth across a table.


Project managers need to have tools at their fingertips that help them to stay on top of the complex operations they oversee. Having too many would, however, create clutter. The above apps and software can be used in an an array of ways to optimize the management of complex group activities. They’re not just practical. They’re mobile and easy to use while traveling. Teams who creatively deploy the functions they offer can even have fun.

Patrick Watt

Patrick Watt

This article was written by Patrick Watt with input from Adagold Aviation, an Australian based air charter and aviation services providor. Patrick learns about aviation management from Adagold’s blog and their team.

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