Top 5 Software Development Methodologies

A number of IT companies use several development methodologies to increase its work efficiency. However, there are a lot of cases when these approaches do not fulfill developers’ needs in a proper way. In this case, the project manager should adjust them by making some improvements or even changes. The problem is that not every manager able to do that because of the lack of knowledge.

Our mobile development company, Cleveroad, tried lots of approaches over the last several years and now we want to share our experience with you.


Each stage of this approach represents a development unit with a little break in between. Thus, every following stage starts as soon as the previous one is finished and breaks between are used for confirmations from the customer side.

Waterfall is considered to be outdated. However, it is still applied to the projects with clear goals and requirements that demand up to 100 hours of development. Also, this methodology intended to get rid of unnecessary paperwork, time-consuming regular meetings, and backlogs.

So, this is a great choice for the small projects where all the aspects of development are known beforehand and a bad solution for complicated projects since it is quite inflexible.



Scrum is a quite flexible approach helping the team to react quickly on different changes in requirements. It is suitable for projects that demand over 300 hours of development.

According to this methodology, there is no overall leader and all the duties are distributed among the group members basing on their decision.

Talking about its structure, there are product backlog, sprint backlog and sprint itself. The product backlog is a set of top-priority tasks allowing to build MVP as soon as possible. In turn, sprint backlog contains those high priority features that developers are going to deal with following 2-4 weeks. During the sprint itself, some daily or weekly meeting take place. These short meetings are intended to synchronize all the team members’ work.

Thus, Scrum takes its place among flexible methodologies that are appropriate for long-run development with frequent changes to requirements.


I would call this approach minimalistic. Being focused on a separate development stage, Kanban places an emphasis on the visualization of already existing workflow. Hence, there is no need to bother anybody – the progress of a certain task can be easily seen on the board.

Roughly saying there are 3 sections that are responsible for 3 stages: to do, active, done. Those sections may be broadened and adjusted according to team’s specific needs.

The card with the task description is moving from the one section to another depending on its developmental progress. Thus, as soon as the team member pick the task – he moves the card to ‚Äòactive’ section. In turn, as soon as it is finished – to ‚Äòdone’ section.

It is worth mentioning that Kanban’s hierarchy is simple. All the high-priority tasks are placed on the top of ‚Äòto do’ section.

This way, Kanban is a good solution for complicated projects with changes in requirements. However, a huge workload may lead to increased hours of development and the absence of timing makes it harder to track the end date of a task.


As you may notice from its name, Scrumban combines Scrum and Kanban approaches. Such a hybrid structure allows customizing this methodology to certain needs.

Being based on the backlogs, Scrumban says no to lots of planning. Each team member has specified roles.

Getting rid of the main Kanban’s problem, Scrumban acquires so-called work in progres limitations that last as long as sprint. However, individual limitations adjusting each team member’s workload also take place.

To sum up we can say that this Frankenstein in the world of development methodologies is a perfect choice in case neither Scrum nor Kanban cannot meet your requirements separately.

XP (Extreme Programming)

Extreme programming approach (XP) is aimed at the creation of a top-notch final product with no regard for frequent changes in requirements. To achieve that, continuous testing and planning are applied.

Underneath, you can see 12 core practices of the original XP concept that were taken from the traditional software development practices and raised to an extreme level. Here is where its name comes from.

XP approach intended to avoid the development of functions that are not currently needed.

This approach was created to take care of complicated projects. However, its peculiar methods may take more time as well as human resources in comparison with other approaches.


Being acquainted with these popular software development approaches, you may optimize your project’s efficiency by using a pure approach or combining some of them together.

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