Top 3 Software Alternatives to Wrike

Wrike is an online project management software that makes day-to-day work easier for teams. That is why more than 18,000 organizations worldwide have their teams on this software so that they can be more productive. Project teams are working more transparently and more efficiently with the help of a collaborative work management platform that enables them to perform better. As a result, over 2M users in SMBs and enterprises choose this PM tool to help them manage, automate and complete their projects successfully.

It’s not for everyone

Then again, Wrike is not a universal solution for every project team. Indeed, it has a robust set of features, something that each user has to learn how to use. If you do not give time for training, you can easily get lost, confused, and frustrated. You may end up spending more time trying to figure out how to use the tool rather than spend it on your actual work. Many users are also frustrated that it does not have something as visually simple as a percent-complete tracking indicator.

Wrike Missing Features

  • No simple setup
  • No easy navigation/operation
  • No percent-complete tracking
  • No notification of tasks assigned have been completed
  • No bug tracking
  • No built-in instant messaging
  • Yes, expensive plans relative to features included

Top 3 Software Alternatives to Wrike

If you believe that Wrike is simply too complicated or not so relevant for your business requirement, there are simpler and more affordable alternative solutions. The best way to start is to identify what you, your business and/or your team really needs in terms of features, scale, and cost. The next thing is to check out our list of Wrike alternatives below.

Wrike and its Features

Wrike is an online project management tool that has been recognized and awarded several times for its innovative features. Companies like Airbnb, TGI Fridays, and Hootsuite prefer this PM tool that allows them to organize their work in a central platform, helps them keep track of every task and detail in their projects, and make them more efficient as they perform their work and support their customers.

Marketing teams, creatives, project teams, product development, professional services, and even business operations teams have become more productive through the use of Wrike as their work management and collaboration application. Features include project planning tools, workflow automation, built-in proofing and approval tool, and powerful dashboards. It can be the right platform for some teams, but for others, it just might be too generic, to complex, or too expensive.


As more teams use project management software to improve outcomes, Wrike will always be a serious contender for SMBs and enterprises looking for a robust and innovative set of features. However, options are available for others who at this time may need more specialized tools for specific requirements, a more user-friendly application for mostly non-tech staff, or more affordable and cost-effective solutions.

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