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Tallyfy vs. AsanaTable of contents

Manual processes create more problems than benefits for modern businesses. But organizations still include them in daily operations, preferring old problems to new solutions. Employees get familiar with inconveniences and bottlenecks, but all the wasted time equates to money lost. When they spend more time on manual workflows, they have to spend less time on other high-value tasks. Missed deadlines and low efficiency are recipes of a business disaster. It’s high time to invest in a modern workflow software solution like Tallyfy or Asana.

Why is workflow management important?

Back to top Organizations of various sizes handle a significant amount and value of data and documents. It would be inefficient for the company to hire too many employees to manually create, update, track, and process these data and documents for their operations. A workflow management system is an efficient and organized way of managing business documents and processes. This Tallyfy vs. Asana article compares two types of software solutions with details on their similar features and unique approaches. Read also: Kaizen in Your Project Management Workflow

What are the benefits of a workflow management software?

Back to top Workflow management is a business strategy that helps streamline business operations and automate repeatable tasks. This allows employees to spend more time working on creative tasks and allows managers to get information quicker and make decisions faster. Workflow management software provides the following business benefits:
  • Automates business processes
  • Manages documentation
  • Provides the bigger workflow picture
  • Exposes bottlenecks
  • Identifies redundancies
  • Increases accountability
  • Improves communication
  • Provides better customer service
  • Gives greater insight into the business process
  • Improves quality of product or service

The Tallyfy approach

Back to top Tallyfy is an all-in-one workflow management software that enables businesses to simplify their processes. It documents processes, tracks progress, and automates decisions so companies can save on precious hours of work and cut on costs. The workflow software lets you document repeatable processes by efficiently capturing all information into the system. Once captured, turn the documented processes into workflows where users can track the progress visibly in realtime. The software includes automation and integration to leading productivity apps. Tallyfy screenshot

Process documentation

Tallyfy lets you create your playbooks, SOPs, and processes into engaging and useful applications. Unlike word processors or office applications, it converts written processes into actionable workflows. All your company’s knowledge stays in a single live platform that you can continually improve through feedback and comments. You don’t need to track versions, as you always work on the latest version. Update once and use multiple times. The software integrates with Google Analytics to help you measure engagement. Also, you can engage with the process instead of only reading them on mobile devices.

Workflow management

Tallyfy transforms your tasks into automated workflows so you don’t have to depend on emails, forms, or spreadsheets. It is applicable to a variety of workflows such as marketing campaigns, purchase requests and approvals, HR self-service orientation, R&D product releases, IT asset re-assignment, and standard operating procedures. The collaborative system allows everyone to contribute and finalize a process. Real-time data shows the status of every task in the process. Other features include client access, issue reporting, and step-by-step process.

Approval management

Manage your approval process on auto-pilot with Tallyfy. You can set up actionable approval workflows that are easy to follow, including those that require tiered and conditional approval chains. An if-this-then-that, rule-based approval logic makes it easy to handle different scenarios. It has unlimited assignment of tasks and forms to automate data collection. Other features include multiple assignees, integrated issue reporting on comments, structured fields, and approve/reject decision button. Read also: Best BPM Software in 2021

The Asana approach

Back to top Asana is an online work management platform for managing projects, tasks, and teams. It has a simple and intuitive interface that is flexible for a variety of teams, applications, and industries. It provides multiple views such as list, board, calendar, and timeline views to allow users get different perspectives on work. It also has templates, forms, and automation to improve workflows and increase efficiency. Other features include goal setting, portfolio view, workload view, and dashboards. Asana screenshot

Project management

Asana started as a project management tool with a strong core support for work breakdown, task tracking, scheduling, and reporting features. It provides a centralized platform where teams can plan, schedule, track, and manage projects, tasks, and documents. Collaboration is built-in, so team members can post comments and create conversations to clarify issues, provide feedback, and report progress. Features that help manage deadlines include project overview, dashboards, timeline view, forms, and private project setting.

Workflow management

Asana is a flexible application where you can centralize your workflows. You can create a variety of workflows for your team such as editorial calendars, product roadmaps, and new hire onboarding and track the whole process from the software. Use the built-in communication features to announce guidelines and get feedback. Automate repetitive tasks and create a common storage of important resources. Other useful features are goals, templates, milestones, and timeline.

Operations management

Operations teams can automate manual tasks to streamline processes and reduce errors. The Rules feature in Asana can automate routine tasks such as automatically routing new tasks, auto-assigning a new task to a teammate based on a custom field status, automatically adding followers for increased visibility, automatically setting due dates, and automatically adding tasks. The software also has a custom rules builder. Other features include customizable templates, work request forms, and automated approvals.

Ready to decide on Tallyfy vs. Asana?

Back to top Both Tallyfy and Asana are flexible for a variety of workflows and business requirements and not limited to technology or IT requirements. Tallyfy is ideal for businesses of all sizes with a requirement on process management, documentation, tracking, and automation. It is better suited for managing routine and repeating tasks. Asana is a project management software with the flexibility and features to manage workflows. It has a free plan for small teams and enterprise-grade premium features for managing larger projects and teams.

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