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Overview Presentation

SwiftEASe is a visual planning, execution, and collaboration tool for software development teams practicing Lean/Agile methods using Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). It is a configurable application that helps in the implementation of SAFe consistently across the organization. It supports modeling of all 4 levels in SAFe, supports version 4.6 and up, and integrates with other Agile tools.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Visual ManagementSwiftEASe has visual Work Boards where you can model each level of SAFe. You can set up WIP limits on columns, create Cards, define links between Cards and Boards, and highlight issues using Flags, Risks, Alerts, and others. The Dependency Board allows you to track dependencies across teams. It also has Dashboards as per SAFe BOK recommendations, so you can monitor your operational execution while viewing medium and long term improvements.
  • Configurable Tools – The Lean and Agile tool allows users to create configurable hierarchies that can span multiple boards. You can create your own configurable work item types and define parent-child relationships. You can then use these relationships to define links between Cards in Work Boards. You can also track the status of the hierarchy with multiple visual cues on their parent-level Cards. With visual drag-and-drop, you can define agile release trains (ART) and teams that make up an ART. With the shared resources feature, you can plan resources flexibly and allow team members to be part of multiple teams and ARTs, if needed.
  • Scrum/Kanban Support, Lean Metrics, Integrations, and more – SwiftEASe supports users whether they use Scrum or Kanban or both. You can define Program Increments (PI) and Sprints, perform PI planning activities, generate burndown for Scrum teams, or CFD and Cycle Time plots for Kanban teams. Lean analytics can provide teams insight into their delivery capability or process bottlenecks. Then they can make changes to improve their flow, throughput, and predictability. With SwiftSync technology, it can integrate with other Agile tools such as Jira, CA Agile Central, VersionOne, and others. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android are also available to see Work Boards and Cards while away from the desktop.



SwiftEASe does not have published pricing, but a custom demo is available for anyone interested.

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Target Market

SwiftEASe is for companies who want to implement Lean and Agile approach in software development consistently across their organization. It is for larger companies composed of multiple teams with programs and portfolios of software development projects.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Amazon, Wipro, Wincor Nixdorf, Teradata, KPIT Technologies, MSG Systems AG, Fiserv Inc, and Infosys.



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Why SwiftEASe

SwiftEASe is a visual, configurable and lightweight solution that helps teams deliver large software projects and programs using SAFe. It provides the right visibility and detail for team, program, solution, and portfolio levels. It is also easy to use and integrates with other project/product management tools. This can significantly allow for a smooth scaled agile implementation, which can result in increased team productivity, increased product quality, faster time to market, and increased employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Company Info

SwiftEASe is a product of Digité, Inc., a privately held computer software and services company based in Cupertino, CA, USA, and an office in Mumbai, India. The company was founded in 2002 by A. V. Sridhar, President and CEO, Mahesh Singh, SVP-Marketing, and Ram Subramanian, VP–Sales. It was founded with the intent to take digital transformation to the enterprise. It provides a wide range of products for digital transformation initiatives and AI-driven project delivery solutions.

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