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SugarCRM vs Keap: 2023 CRM Comparison

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When customers purchase a product or service that is satisfactory, they will continue to come back again and again when in need of the same product or service. Customer loyalty is when customers go to the same brand because of what they know and like instead of purchasing from another brand offering a similar product or service. But customers leave a brand when the company seems indifferent to their needs and neglect to make them feel valued. Today, CRM software can help strengthen customer loyalty by fostering strong relationships. This SugarCRM vs. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) comparison explores their similar features and unique approaches to help businesses keep their customers.

How CRM software supports customer loyalty

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Customer retention is an important business performance indicator. Returning customers end up spending 67 percent more than new customers. CRM software like SugarCRM and Keap CRM provides insight into the relationships between customer and the business. They have tools to track all communications made between them that allows the company to find the exact ways to help the customer while marketing products or services to them. CRM software allows them to:

  • Get more personal – keep track of important customer dates such as birthdays and offer special incentives during the occasion.
  • Know customers better – info gathering and engagement tools such as satisfaction surveys help users learn more about their customers.
  • Hone in on their needs – continuously keep track of information to understand the customers purchase behavior and preferences.

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SugarCRM approach

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SugarCRM is a modern CRM platform that utilizes technology to provide marketing, sales, and customer teams a clear picture of the customer. It has tools and features that display relevant and connected customer data, automatically capture and present customer information, and allow users to adopt the software around their needs and workflows. The SugarCRM platform includes solutions for marketing automation, sales automation, and customer service. It also has an on-premise CRM for highly tailored enterprise needs. SugarCRM integrations are possible with Sugar Integrate that allows businesses to integrate processes and data with other applications. An application marketplace is also available to add modules and extend the software’s capabilities.

SugarCRM screenshot

Marketing automation

Sugar Market has built-in advertising and social media tools to help users drive web traffic. It combines SEM, SEO, and social media management tools to better generate traffic to your website. You can manage all your social media marketing, paid search advertising, and SEO auditing efforts from within a single platform. The software also lets you create professional-quality landing pages, emails, and conversion forms either with drag-and-drop builders or preset templates. It has tools to set up multi-step nurture campaigns and multiple lead scoring profiles. Other features include advanced analytics BI reporting module and native integrations with Sugar Sell and other CRMs.

Sales automation

Sugar Sell lets you get a clear picture of customers and an understanding of their past, present, and future. A built-in AI engine provides business-critical predictions that works with even limited or incomplete CRM data. It provides information to help build lead conversion, ideal customer profiles, and opportunity-close predictions. The software automatically gets updates on key accounts with real-time alerts. It also eliminates the need for manual research and data entry. In addition, you can map individual customer journeys, work within G Suite and Office 365 apps, and manage subscription-based accounts, renewal pipeline status, and individual renewal opportunities.

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Customer service

Sugar Serve includes omnichannel communication capabilities that are accessible from a single console UI. It has features to prioritize cases by SLA, priority, and severity. The software also has a self-service portal and knowledge base that are simple to navigate. You can automatically route inbound customer service requests to the right agent and proactively identify problem areas with case tracking tools and dashboards.

Keap approach

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Keap CRM, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is a CRM, sales, and marketing automation software that helps small businesses get organized and achieve next-level growth. It is a proven platform that helped numerous business owners grow their sales. The all-in-one CRM software helps users collect leads with customizable forms and landing pages and make quick actions from single screen. Convert prospects to clients with combined email and SMS marketing. Create loyal customers with automatic reminders and upsells, and get paid online with integration to payment gateways.

Keap screenshot

Sales & marketing automation

Keap offers easy and advanced automation to help you convert more leads and close more deals. Automated followups lets you send text and email to potential clients after they fill out forms on your website or social medial. A Zapier integration lets you connect to thousands of third-party apps that can trigger more effective automations. Automate new lead captures, appointment reminders, sales nurture, and purchase follow-up tasks by creating simple rules. It also has an advanced automation builder where you can drag and drop components to customize your process.


Keap includes a client management software that hosts all client activity and communication so you can easily make followups, update records, and receive payments. It integrates with Gmail and Outlook so it automatically updates your Keap records with every sent or received email message. It integrates with many apps, services, and connectors for ecommerce, landing pages, lead generation, membership, reporting, and scheduling. Automation allows you to send quick responses while pre-written emails saves you time. Get a complete profile of your customer with contact information, personal information, history of meetings and payments, all at a glance. Other features include email templates and internal forms.

Reporting & analytics

Gain insights from your Keap data to make smart business decisions. Marketing reports look at conversions by sales stage and lead source. Get statistics of form completions, email open rates, and click-throughs. The software gives you data to review your marketing campaign performance. You can also track sales reports by day, week, or month, and create comparisons. Visual tools help you find trends for payments, revenues, and transactions over time. Other features include visual sales reports, detailed analytics, and engagement analytics.

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Ready to decide on SugarCRM vs. Keap?

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SugarCRM is ideal for mid-sized companies looking for a flexible CRM platform with separate modules for marketing, sales, and customer service. As such, SugarCRM pricing depends on the products you will choose, with different pricing and features for each product. It offers a free 7-day trial of its software.

Keap CRM is an all-in-one solution that provides sales and marketing automation, client management system, and other advanced features to help small businesses. Keap pricing depends on the specific product such as Lite, Pro, Max, and Max Classic, each one providing the best value for a new business, a growing business, an established business, or for advanced ecommerce. A 14-day free trial is available.

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