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Sqwiggle is a remote and virtual team online collaboration software. It allows for quick video chatting, file sharing and collaboration. It is a valuable software-as-a-service in these times where distributed teams and telecommuting are increasing. It provides great user experience where people in the same team can not only see but also feel the presence of their coworkers ready to collaborate and interact at anytime wherever they may be. There will be no need to ask someone first via chat if they are there before they talk about an idea or a work issue.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • ‚ÄòAlways On’ Video Conferencing – Sqwiggle is distinct from existing video conferencing applications because it is constantly sending photo snapshots of users that get updated every few seconds. They do not see just avatars or static profile pictures. Users know that their team members are really at their computers or workstations or mobile devices and they can talk and interact with them at any moment. It is really like having them in the same office and the same room. This brings a team presence so that everyone is encouraged to work better, seeing that they are all in it together.
  • Hassle-Free Group Chat and Video – This online collaboration software also has a chat facility that allows for preview of links, images, codes, and tweets, to name a few. Collaboration is easier and more effective than just having basic text chat functionality. It also can start group video without the hassle of complicated setups and configurations. With one click to persons that a user sees is already available, talking to a group about an important idea just long enough not to be intrusive is quick and painless. Disconnecting is just as simple.
  • Drag-and-drop File Sharing, and more – As a real team productivity tool, users can upload a file and share it with the team using the same simple interface but with the right security. And with the technology to optimize minimal bandwidth, it is efficient even with large teams. It also works with the iPad, so users can take work and remain in the loop wherever they go. An API is available to those who are interested with integration, in addition to existing integrations with GitHub, Zapier, and others. Vital communication between coworkers is never broken, regardless of their location.
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Sqwiggle online collaboration software offers a free plan and two premium plans. The free plan provides for unlimited 1-on-1 video chat, up to 5 chat streams, and 5GB of file storage. The Plus plan is priced at $9 per user per month and includes for up to 4 (more soon) group video chat, unlimited chat streams, 15 GB of storage, user/team management, Admin security controls and priority support. The Enterprise Plan starts at $25 per user per month, with 20 GB file storage, a dedicated support representative and all the other features. sqwiggle pricing

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Target Market

Sqwiggle is ideal for any company or organization with distributed, remote and virtual teams.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include Buffer, Zapier, Travefy, Go Fish Digital, Terracoding, Hippo Education, Gamevy, This By Them, and Tech.pro. Take me to their Website


Mike Knoop of Zapier stated that Sqwiggle is one of their core communication tools that provide a constant presence of their team. Brian Patterson of Go Fish Digital described the collaboration software as a key tool that keep remote teams together.

Why Sqwiggle

More geographically distributed teams are being formed. More people are now working away from corporate offices and into homes, and coworking spaces, not to mention the usual satellite branches and remote work sites. These places are just as important to the company, but remote teams face isolation and disconnection issues. Other video conference tools are not designed with always-on, collaborative work in mind, so Sqwiggle online collaboration software remains the best choice so far.

Company Info

Sqwiggle is a privately held company based in San Francisco, CA, USA. It was founded in February 2013 by Eric Bieller, Matt Boyd and Tom Moor, who are all experienced designers and developers. They also have experiences working remotely and with remote teams. They recognized its benefits, but they were aware also of its shortcomings, namely the missing human interaction that helps create a great company culture. Current products like instant messengers and video conferencing applications were still missing important features, so they decided to build one that they would want to use. The company received $1.1M in seed funding just several months after they started. The founders announced that they will use the funds to hire and build a great team that will further improve the collaboration software. Take me to their Website

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