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Overview Presentation

sprintground-logoSprintGround is an intelligent project management tool that allows companies to manage and track the development process of their software in the most convenient way that is also easy and intuitive. The software employs a maximum usage of the organizational resources through a combination of features that allow an uninterrupted workflow, control, monitoring and critical decision support. Moreover, it supports different project management methodologies such as Scrum, Spiral and Waterfall.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Task Management and Collaboration – SprintGround helps store your business ideas, manage your tasks and categorize and prioritize the things that should be done first for the projects. In addition to that, it allows you to order, filter and search your tasks in the most convenience way. The applications helps you to stay connected to your team, to see what tasks others are working on, no matter where they are located. You can easily assign work to them and discuss it. By making use of the centralized communication system, you won’t end up with a cluttered inbox that requires you to constantly organize the information.
  • Automatic Tracking and Suggestions – SprintGround can track any bugs and issues, customer’s ideas and suggestions, and questions and feature requests to recommend innovation ideas that are needed for your product to be more attractive to customers. It also tracks the progress on the work that has been done, and how much is remaining. The tool automatically calculates your working schedule as well as that of your team.
  • Capture Customer Feedback and Track Changes – This feature allows owners to follow the release schedule and contributes to the project through the submission of ideas, feature requests and feedback. You also have a quick view on the expandable summary from the last login. In addition to that, the product would provide you with a clean and easy changelog, and view changes done by a particular user. Using this could also keep you notified and develop your methodologies.


SprintGroud offers 4 pricing plans that are suitable for small as well as big organizations. The ‘Free’ plan allows 3 users, 2 projects and a 50 MB storage limitation. The ‘Starter’ plan costs ‚Ǩ45/month allowing unlimited projects with a maximum of 8 users and 1 GB storage. The ‘Business’ plan comes at ‚Ǩ180/month with 20 users and 2 GB space, whereas the ‘Enterprise’ plan is ‚Ǩ8.50/user/month with 5 GB storage. All paid plans allow you to use the software on a free trial for 30 days. In addition, the users can avail a discount on all plans by signing up for a yearly subscription instead of the monthly one. sprintground-pricing

Social Network Presence

Target Market

SprintGround is an amazing tool that should be in the arsenal of any organization, big or small. The pricing plans are suitable for a freelancer or startup to a huge enterprise. The fact that it supports several project management methodologies ranging from Waterfall to Scrum make it the tool that can be utilized by any organization.

Supported Languages

SprintGround supports English language only.

Some of their Clients

Some of their clients includes startup Stacker, Croz Desk, and iT Meester.


iT Meester states that SprintGround is an easy to use Task Management software. The project manager of Gutman VB states that SprintGround has a very effective and useful project management suite.

Why SprintGround

SprintGround provides a wide range of features for customers to employ in their organizations making it a great tool to have that can handle all aspects of the company. SprintGround make use of artificial intelligence by providing ideas through capturing customer feedback and change requests. This product totally gives you all you need for project management.

Company Info

SprintGround was released in July 2015 by a group of creative developers, united in a well driven company named Alphest. The company is located in Breda, Netherlands. They believe in developing software that is efficient and organized with higher quality, and are always looking to make improvements continuously based on feedback.

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