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Overview Presentation

logo_scribblarScribblar is a simple and innovative browser-based online tutoring platform that permits public and private whiteboards to be utilized by users to demonstrate or teach. Scribblar is popular amongst online trainers, learners and schools across the globe, offering various features such as chat, live audio, whiteboard, image sharing and document sharing amongst others.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Multi-user Collaboration – Scribblar enables multiple users to join the rooms and is designed for creative thinking, brainstorming and real-time collaboration amongst multiple users, regardless of their location. Multiple users can also upload and download images and revise artwork with ease. For example, if you upload an image to your whiteboard, you or others can make changes to it or even comment on it.
  • Seamless Communication – Scribblar’s collaboration tools are likely to be more effective than some competitors, because it provides text and voice chat features, enabling users to seamlessly communicate with each other throughout the project’s lifetime. It allows communication through multiple devices as well. For example, if you are using a desktop, you can clearly and audibly communicate with someone who is using a mobile device through the voice chat feature, thus enabling better understanding and communication. The live audio feature of Scribblar can also be used to improve a presentation.
  • Scribblar Pro Website Integration – Scribblar Pro allows you to integrate the features and usability of Scribblar into your existing website, so you are able to offer Scribblar’s enhanced features to your present users, while retaining the original look and feel of your own website.


Scribblar is free of cost for those users, who sign up for a limited free account. Alternatively, Scribblar offers 4 paid options that you can choose from depending on your requirements. The Basic plan costs $9 per-month and includes 3 rooms and 3 users per-room. The Starter plan costs $14 per-month and includes 5 rooms and 5 users per-room. Standard plan costs $24 per-month and includes 10 rooms and 10 users per-room. Lastly, the Premium plan costs $39 per-month and includes 25 rooms and 50 users per-room. You can also choose the Scribblar Pro option, which integrates seamlessly with your website, starting at $59 per month for up to 150 sessions. Upgrading can be cost-effective for clients, who run thousands of tutoring sessions per month. Scribblar is a flexible service, so if none of the above fit into your requirements, then you can get in touch with them to create custom plans to suit your specific needs. scribblar-pricing

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Target Market

Scribblar’s easy-to-use and collaborative interface has been largely popular with teachers and educational institutions around the world. Scribblar is mainly targeted towards private tutoring businesses, universities, schools, and other educational institutions. It has also become popular with private individuals, who have taken up online tutoring in their spare time.

Languages Supported

Scribblar supports English.

Some of their Clients

Some of the most notable universities and educational institutions utilize Scribblar. It is used at Harvard University, Berkley, University of Cambridge, Australian Catholic University, MIT Sloan Management, University of Warwick and many other noteworthy institutions.

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Client Testimonials

Jenny Donald from Macquarie University has been a user of Scribblar since 2010 and has found it to be quite useful. She has been using Scribblar to set up rooms for online tutorials 2-3 times per semester for her Human Genetics course, with students logging in from across the globe. Dr Dana Paquin (Ex Division Head of Mathematics for the Stanford University Online High School and Current Assistant Professor of Mathematics at California Polytechnic State University) has used a wide range of online learning platforms for teaching mathematics online. To her, Scribblar is by far the best system that she has used and would recommend it for teaching and learning mathematics. She also commends Scribblar’s built-in Wolfram Alpha and LaTeX features, which she feels are especially useful for mathematics teaching. Dr. Sarah Eichhorn from the Department of Mathematics at the University of California claims that Scribblar has been the perfect tool for communicating with students in their online pre-calculus course, because it is so easy to use. She feels that Scribblar was perfect for online mathematics interaction, as they required writing equations with students without the use of a sophisticated typesetting system. Scribblar allows them to teach mathematics to students online in the same manner as they would in person.

Why Scribblar

Scribblar is an innovative online whiteboard application that is known to have a user-friendly interface. It enables users with an easily accessible and collaborative whiteboard solution. By allowing multiple users to access and make changes, it streamlines collaboration and involves them in the project process. The voice and text chat features allows real-time communication between various users. Scribblar is the perfect for online training and tutoring, creative brainstorming, revising artwork and images and product sales demonstrations. Because of its collaborative and communication tools, users can provide feedback, regardless of their location. Its browser-based interface makes it accessible to anyone, so they can share information that could be important to the project at any time. Scribblar can be customized for usage across various platforms, making it an ideal solution for a vast number of users.

Company Information

Stefan Richter, an experienced web applications developer, who specializes in real-time collaborative applications, created Scribblar back in 2007. It is owned by Muchosmedia Ltd. Since its inception, Scribblar has grown rapidly and hosts sessions for several thousand users globally on daily basis. Having been implemented by numerous online tutoring services, the Scribblar site garners over 500,000 page views per month. Based in the UK, Scribblar is now a well-established platform, known for its easy-to-use interface.


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