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Sciforma is an enterprise project and portfolio management software that helps businesses maximize project benefits while reducing risks. It is an end-to-end solution with multiple features focused on the areas of strategic management, functional management, and execution management. The whole organization, from the project team, the PMO, to the top decision makers, is able to use a flexible platform that enables them to drive innovation, enable change, and successfully achieve digital transformation. It works across devices and allows for custom deployment according to the customers’ needs. It is intuitive and collaborative, with plenty of available help resources and tutorials. The latest version 7.1 is robust, functionally scalable and and easy to use.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Plan and TrackSciforma provides project managers and top decision makers the tools to manage multiple projects and environments. It has a Project Scheduler with Gantt view that helps users draw the structure of their projects, identify job classifications, review the resource assignments, and more. A Project Status allows them to assess the project situation in terms of cost, time, scope, and trend. The Resource Management tool is for assigning resources and managing labor assignments. They can filter resources by organization, job classification, and skill. They can also review the allocation, monitor resource utilization, and manage resource requests. Other features include an Idea Management tool for building business case, Issue Management, and Change Request Management.
  • Analyze and Optimize -The enterprise strategic planning software has a Portfolio Status Overview especially helpful for portfolio managers and the PMO. It allows them to assess all projects, check their status, and spot any issues. They can drill down into the details to identify the root cause of the problems. The Portfolio Analysis and Control feature helps in analyzing and assessing portfolio performance in real time. Users can also use it to compare portfolio and project resource needs by organization and job classification. Other features include Budget Management, Portfolio Ranking, and Portfolio Simulation. The Capacity Planning tool enables users to utilize the right resource at the right time, as well as visualize bottlenecks and under allocations.
  • Time Tracking, Team Management, and more – Sciforma has the tools also to help execute plans and strategies. The Team Portal enables individual team members to quickly see their assignments and deadlines. They are able to see upcoming work, calendar requests, and issues assigned to them. Time Tracking provides reports of actuals vs planned on tasks. It also handles estimates and collaboration through daily notes. Other features include Calendar Management, an Agile Task Board, and a Demand Management tool. The software has built-in localization tools, handles multiple currencies, and can be deployed either by SaaS, hosted or on-premise. Various forms of support are also available, through training, tutorial videos and consulting.


Sciforma can provide a quote for free to anyone interested with their software. It is a scalable solution that allows customers to turn features on or off according to their needs. It also has several user roles with different privileges. Users can start with a small number of users and features at the start, and add each or both at any time. Users can purchase the software and user licenses for on-site installation or hosted deployment, or rent it as SaaS. A 30-day free trial period is available.

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Target Market

Sciforma is ideal for companies that manage multiple projects. It is a customizable solution that is especially valuable for IT, professional service, new product development, and other industries, regardless of methodologies used.

Supported Languages

Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Hebrew and Japanese.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Centre for Drug Research and Development, Enercare, Great Rivers Greenway, Manitou, Jewish General Hospital, Bioaster, and Mechanical Solutions Inc.


Michael Fernandez stated that Sciforma provides a flexible solution that enabled him to craft a solution tailored for the company’s unique requirements. Its scalability enabled him to adopt a phased approach, prudently building upon base functionality.

Julie Vaillant explained that finding a tool that lets her manage portfolios of projects as well as projects themselves are hard to find, especially on a tight budget. However, Sciforma met all her requirements, providing an out-of-the-box solution that is 100 percent configurable.

Why Sciforma

Sciforma is an all-in one project and portfolio management software that is highly accessible with various secure deployment options, easy to use, and flexibly customizable. It has a 30-year project management experience with 300,000 users across 20 countries.

Company Info

Sciforma Corporation is a privately held computer software company with headquarters in San Jose, CA, USA. It also has offices in Australia, Germany, France, Japan, and the UK . It was founded in 1982 and is headed by Yann Le Bihan, CEO. The company has been building and providing project and portfolio management software since 1983. It has developed software that evolved as new technological platforms became available, ranging from solutions that ran on DOS, Windows and then Java. Starting with Sciforma 7.0, it has been completely rebuilt using HTML5 technology, and will work on all browsers, on all operating systems, and across devices.

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