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Sandglaz is an online team collaboration and task management software. More and more teams are finding agile principles as ideal for their development methodologies and processes. Still, the value of traditional planning tools cannot be disregarded. Sandglaz has combined powerful planning tools in an easy-to-use application that includes the flexibility of using a more iterative project management. Teams now have a better choice of getting things done with a software that is more powerful than simple task lists but also less rigid than Gantt charts.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Intuitive Interface – After users log in, they can start adding tasks to Sandglaz and assigning them to team members. With several priority settings, they can immediately see which tasks need to be worked on first. At the same time, users can see what tasks have been done in the recent past and what tasks are planned next. To adapt to changing priorities, users can easily change order and priorities with a drag-and-drop interface. In case some tasks have been missed, they are automatically updated to be in the next milestone.
  • Flexible Features – Advanced social web technology includes @usernames and #category tags for better organization and upfront collaboration. Users can collaborate on multiple projects with multiple teams by discussing tasks through commenting. They can attach files and notes to any task and breakdown complex tasks with subtasks. Users can categorize their tasks with #hashtags, filter tasks to see who is working on what, and have an overview of all tasks across projects, including a full history of completed tasks.
  • Excellent User Experience – Users enjoy a fast and snappy experience. The task management software allows them to work remotely without any hassle. The real-time, online experience creates a productive environment that puts an end to long email threads and frequent status meetings. The team’s productivity is boosted with automatic plan updates, email reminders on due dates, and configurable repeating tasks. Users can stay in the loop with iOS and Android compatibility as well.
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Sandglaz online task management software offers a simple pricing plan. For $5 per team member per month, the application includes for unlimited projects and tasks, free customer support and mobile web app with all the features without any hidden charges. They can pay monthly or pay one year in advance and get one month free. The software offers a free 21-day trial period. sandglaz pricing

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Target Market

Sandglaz online collaboration and task management software is for small, high-performance teams. It is ideal for teams practicing agile and lean methods and processes.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include the University of Michigan, Sealink Travel Group, BlueYellow Consulting, Autostrade per L’Italia, Sweet Tooth, TabbleDabble, and commonsku. Take me to their Website


Cory Snavely of University of Michigan described Sandglaz as the only tool designed to fit the dynamic nature of today’s working people. Hamish Cameron of Sealink Travel Group stated that this task management software is really impressive with its simplicity and flexibility compared to many productivity tools that are far too cumbersome to use in the real world.

Why Sandglaz

Many productivity tools have been designed from old models that are not relevant to today’s dynamic working environment. Many products are also either too thin in features or too complicated for smaller teams. Sandglaz online team collaboration and task management software strikes the perfect balance of powerful planning with ease of use. It also has enough features that make it flexible with a price plan that offers real value for money.

Company Info

Sandglaz is a privately held company based in Toronto, ON, Canada. It was founded in 2011 by Nada Aldahleh, who is the current CEO, and Zaid Zawaideh, who is the present CTO. The idea of flexible task plans that adapt to changing priorities came to Nada in her last job when she managed the transition from traditional waterfall methodology to an agile process. The company received two rounds of seed funding from Techstars. It opened to public beta in April 2011 and launched officially in January 2012. They continue to listen to user feedback as they roll out exciting improvements and features.   Take me to their Website

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