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Overview Presentation

SamayLa is a web-based work management and communication system that helps users be more organized and productive. With a simple and intuitive UI, it enables teams and individuals to manage their tasks in a logical structure. It also allows them to communicate and collaborate on each task to have the proper context, and also promote transparency on who is working on what by when. With a collection and combination of features, the software makes it easy for different organizations in a wide area of situations to simplify work and streamline their processes.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Flexible Work Organizational System ‚Äì SamayLa enables users to create their own custom process depending on their current work situation. They can create infinite levels of task structures, so that they can put a logical structure on how they want to categorize and classify their work and responsibilities. Tasks can be broken down into sub-tasks, up to a point that they can now be managed clearly and acted upon.
  • Email-driven Task Management ‚Äì It works with email, and allows messages that contain tasks to be easily copied and integrated into the workflow. By simply forwarding the email that contains the task into a specific SamayLa address, the task can now be included in the list of tasks and integrated into the structure of the greater work or project. It automatically creates a task under the Action Item Tasks menu, with all the relevant team members and stakeholders assigned as Viewers or External users. Exchanges by these people will update the task, as long as the proper cc: of the specific email address is included.
  • Templates, Embedded Solutions, Integrations, Mobility, and more ‚Äì SamayLa not only organizes work but also facilitates its simplification and streamlining. Customized processes can be saved as templates that can be launched in one click. The application contains systems and modules for sales management, file management, time management, process management, and other systems. It integrates with other apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, Google Calendar, and Jira. Other features include a native Android app, due date, reminders and notifications, private chat, hashtags, and more. There is also an option for cloud, private cloud, or on-premise hosting.


SamayLa offers free and premium plans. There is a free Basic plan that contains almost all features, including unlimited tasks and projects, 500MB storage, embedded systems, and integrations. Also free is the Pro plan, which includes everything in the Basic plan, in addition to being free up to 50 users, plus the Admin panel and user groups management. On the 51st user and above, it becomes the premium Business plan at $8 per user/month (or $6 per user/month billed annually). A Large Org premium plan is also available by request.

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Target Market

SamayLa is for individuals, teams, startups and organizations of all sizes with a need for work organization and communication, project tracking, and task management. Teams in marketing, IT, event management, sales, PMO, and operations, whether co-located or remote, can derive great benefit in using the platform.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

No specific information is available. However, use cases include an FMCG company, private bank, insurance firm, consulting firm, and a pharmaceutical company.


Monica Dubey described SamayLa as a great solution to save time. As a result of using the application, they were able to cut down on email usage drastically, and work flows smoother since. Vardan Saxena stated that the application provided a one-stop solution for all the coordination challenges they experience with their hotel clients. Now, they have less of the stress that comes from keeping track of phone calls, messages, mails, meetings, and spreadsheets.

Why SamayLa

SamayLa is a flexible and intuitive work management and collaboration software. It can fit into any user requirement with customization. It also has comprehensive tools and features that help increase productivity and profitability, thereby helping a business become more competitive and expand.

Company Info

SamayLa is a product of Trihund Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a privately held computer software company based in New Delhi, India. It was founded in 2016 by Varun Bhutani and Praveen Samariya. SamayLa is Hindi for ‚Äòget time.’ It aims to solve common organization challenges such as excessive emails and responsibility tracking.

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