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Overview Presentation

Salesflare is an intelligent sales CRM for teams. It is a cloud-based application that helps sales people spend more time with their customers rather than entering data in CRM systems. It allows users to save up to 70 percent of their time usually spent on data entry. By automating many sales tasks, users can focus working on customer relationships. Salesflare connects with applications such as email, calendar and mobile phones to automatically organize contacts and other information. Therefore, users are reminded who to contact, and by when, so that they never miss a follow-up.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Automated customer contact and information storing – In setting up Salesflare, users connect it to email accounts, calendars, mobile phones, social media, LinkedIn profiles and other information repositories. In turn, it automatically takes out data from them and creates the user’s address book. It can also automatically log calls and meetings with customers. Documents and other files exchanged by users and their teams with customers are also automatically organized for quicker searching. Custom data imports, however, are done by the Salesflare team for their customers.
  • Email, link, and website tracking – This intelligent CRM software enables users to track digital engagements. It informs users when and who is opening their emails, clicking their links, or visiting their websites. These information are stored per customer and presented as real-time notifications. With information such as a user’s last contact with a customer, or a customer’s latest tweet, and other social profiles they have, users are able to know their customers better. Opportunities are presented in different views, and users can choose to take action immediately, schedule a followup, or assign it to another teammate.
  • Team communication, integrations, and more – Salesflare provides the team with a shared address book, but with the option to treat private information as private. The sales team will know if a colleague is in contact with another company. They can follow customer conversations they participate in through shared accounts. Users can work right from their email inbox such as Outlook or Gmail. It also has Zapier integration and REST API for exchanging data with other systems.


Salesflare offers a simple pricing scheme of $30 per user per month when billed annually. Users can also pay $35 per user on a monthly basis. A 14-day free trial period is also available.

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Target Market

Salesflare is ideal for startups and small businesses, but also works for some large companies. It is for companies that perform a great number of customer communication, follow-up, and sales pipelines.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include The Growth Agency, UXProbe, Century 21, Rialto, and Udacity.


Didier Vermeiren stated that their team got a huge boost when they started using Salesflare. It not only gathers a wealth of information, but the data pool can also be connected to other systems. Eveline Smet described the software as a CRM that fills out itself. She stated that she is able to save so much time and energy because of it.

Why Salesflare

Salesflare is an advanced but easy to use software that uses artificial intelligence and automation to help users spend less time working on the system, and more on what is important for them. This CRM software enables sales people to focus on helping customers and providing them solutions, without having to spend so much time manually entering data in the system.

Company Info is a privately held IT and services company with headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. It was founded in 2014 by Jeroen Corthout and Lieven Janssen. The product was developed and tested for 2 years with about 70 first-use customers. They aim to provide customers with a smarter software where sales people can spend more time with customers instead of software. Thus, in rethinking what software should be, they came up with a product they described as CRM turned upside down. The company continues to be product-focused, working out issues with existing customers to improve user experience.

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