Role of the Project Management Officer in the IT Industry

role-of-the-project-management-officer-in-the-IT-IndustryProjects are the set of defined activities and tasks undertaken to achieve the specified goals in allotted period of time. Large business organizations generally have a number of projects underway at the same time and the success of entire business depends on the effective implementation and completion of projects. For many years, IT industries and business organizations have been struggling to deliver the projects on time. In order to execute the projects in a systematic way, they need the assistance of an expert professional or manager who will follow a unique approach for planning, executing, organizing, motivating and controlling the resources.

Ensuring that all the business is managed in a controlled way

Project Management Officers are the backbone of business organization as they underpin the project delivery mechanism by ensuring that all the business is managed in a controlled way. The exact role of Project Management Officer will depend on needs of the business organization. Different PMO’s perform different functions within the organization but all have to focus on the business development and project outcomes. Generally, PMO will distinguish the characteristics of project management in order to establish a solid foundation of available project information prior to the rolling up business enterprise level information.

Follow a common set of principles

Project Management Officer involves common set of principles, templates and practices for managing projects. He maintains standards for projects as per the client’s requirement. Creating project management templates will also implement standard components that can be reused to save time and money. It is the responsibility of the PMO’s to ensure that the project management standards are followed by regular performing assessments or not. Moreover, this process will also produce feedback on a regular basis.  For all business projects, he tracks the status of projects with regular updates from the team leaders and associated members. He will compile the collected information and report this to the management. Generally, the normal way of presenting the project reports and related information is using project dashboards that provide a transparent and clear way to track each and every activity of the projects.

Provide guidance for better understanding

PMO’s tend to develop a centre of excellence for the project management and they also assist the associated team and project managers by providing guidance so that they will be able to understand how the management process goes on. In many IT industries and business organizations, PMO plays a key role in assisting the teams and leaders by explaining the project execution process. He also manages and facilitates the portfolio management process by implemented a unique and standard approach. This process includes various management tasks like capturing the project requests for every division or team and ensuring that there is complete information for assessing projects or not, maintaining up-to-date reports of projects, implementing prioritisation models and scores to help assess for the request approval, managing a resource forecast or resource capacity plan in order to understand availability of resources for the projects.



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