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RealData is a suite of downloadable software for real estate investors and developers. It is Excel-based and has Windows and Mac versions optimized for each of its respective environment, but files are not cross compatible. Several products are available for different configurations and different purposes, such as specifically for investors, for developers, or a combination of both. The software provider also offers other resources such as books, videos and courses about real estate investment analysis.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Complete Investment Analysis and Development s ‚Äì RealData real estate software has over 30 years of development history that takes into consideration all that has happened in real estate history as well as desktop computing. The REIA software is applicable for all existing income properties, with powerful income, partnership and projection modules. It allows for line-item expenses, cash flow and resale analysis, and handles up to 1000 commercial units with easy add and edit wizard functionality. It also includes before and after tax cash flow calculations and several other ROI measurements.
  • Available in different configurations ‚Äì There is investment analysis software for those who invest in residential and small commercial property, and another configuration that handles any type and size of rental property. It has software for ground-up development of single entity projects, and there is also software for housing subdivisions, building lots, condominiums, and other unit-sale projects. There is software combination for those who develop and hold income property, and software bundles that include software combinations as well as educational video courses.
  • Available in Windows and Mac OS ‚Äì RealData software has versions that run on the Windows platform and on Mac operating system. Both systems have easy-to-use layout and features. Calculations and reports on either system are identical and PDF printing is enabled on both systems.
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RealData products are designed for different purposes and users, and each product has its own price. For example, the REIA Professional Edition for Windows is priced at $495 one-time fee without time limit, and $85 for a 30-day license. Extending this software with a Comparison and Portfolio add-on costs another $59. The Mac OSX version is priced similarly but the 30-day license is not available. The REIA Express Edition is priced at $159, the Commercial/Industrial Development and the On Schedule software are at $395. Other products as well as software bundles resulting in huge savings are also available.

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Target Market

RealData software products are for real estate investors and developers, as well as brokers, CPAs, property managers and other people interested about real estate financial analysis.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include First Union National Bank, Renaissance Capital Group, Interstate Apartment Acquisitions, Integritas Capital Partners, YW Properties Inc, IPE Inc, and B.I.D. Realty. Take me to their Website


Mike Russel described RealData software as a vital tool in his investing analysis. Jason Wilcox stated that he use the program to help his real estate clients make objective decisions on property offers.

Why RealData

RealData products are professional Excel-based software that represent the combined efforts of experts in real estate and in programming. It has the familiar and intuitive working environment of a popular spreadsheet program but also is the result of thousands of hours of work that employ complex conditional formulas, customized user forms, menus, toolbars, databases, data validation and Visual Basic modules.

Company Info

RealData, Inc is a privately held, sole proprietorship with office in Southport, CT, USA. It was founded in 1981 by real estate investor Frank Gallinelli, President. Since the company was founded, it has been producing software for real estate investors and developers, helping them analyze deals and make informed decisions in buying, selling, financing or developing property. Frank is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University, teaching real estate investment analysis in the University’s Master of Science in Real Estate Development program. The company believes in investor education, and offers resources to help customers understand the financial dynamics in successful real estate investment and development.
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