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ReadyRatios is a financial analysis software-as-a-service that provides reports that comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or US General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Companies can use the online service where they can input numerical data and text notes, make final adjustments to entries and then allow the software to automatically generate financial reports. Analysis is performed by the software without human intervention.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Easy-to-use Software ‚Äì ReadyRatios financial analysis software does all the analytic work, so that knowledge of financial analysis is not necessary. The artificial intelligence of the software was perfected for over five years. The software itself is intuitive and easy to use, so that special operations training is not required. The software will run on any of the major browsers and supports modern web technologies. Entering initial data is easy, which can be done manually or imported from XBRL files using official IFRS or US GAAP Taxonomy format.
  • Complete Professional Report ‚Äì This web-based financial analysis software calculates over 40 coefficients and rates, analyzes using unique scoring methods, provides description of calculated results, and gives conclusions as well as an opinion on the financial state of the company. The complete report is about 15 pages long, includes all calculated rates based on balance sheet and income statement data. It can provide an analysis report for one period or for several (biannually, quarterly, or monthly). Data can be saved locally on the user’s computer and on the provider’s server. A certificate of financial state safe from being counterfeited can be generated. User report settings can be customized and limited without affecting informative values and conclusions.
  • Flexible Options ‚Äì ReadyRatios provide unique multiple choice conditional texts that make each report unique. The texts are never repeated even if based on the same data. When analyzing data over many years, the program can reduce the size of the wide tables without significant loss of informational value. Colors are used on figures to mark out positive and negative values of rates as well as indicate qualitative assessment, whether good or bad values. Customization such as changing any formula, adding one’s own, changing qualitative properties, or setting a report template is possible.
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ReadyRatios offers a limited free plan and two premium plans. In the free Basic plan, users can use the features for IFRS and US GAAP statement analysis and generate a limited analytic report, which can be saved on the user’s PC. The Master plan at $165 per year has all the Basic plan features including a full analytic report feature and the option to save data and reports on the ReadyRatios server. The Expert plan at $285 per year has all the features of the Master plan with the addition of formulas and report templates customization. readyratios pricing

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Target Market

ReadyRatios is for companies of all sizes and industry, local or transnational, with a requirement to make reports according to IFRS.

Supported Languages

English and Russian

Some of their Clients

Clients include individual consultants to large industrial companies, including spacecraft manufacturer RKK Energiya (Energy). Take me to their Website


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Why ReadyRatios

ReadyRatios web financial analysis software is more powerful and convenient to use than ordinary spreadsheets. Also, the reporting tool is fully professional, specialized and compliant with international financial standards.

Company Info

ReadyRatios is a web service provided by Avdeev & Co, a privately held auditing company founded in 2000 and based in Kaliningrad, Russia. It is composed of certified auditors, lawyers, appraisers and accountants. The company provides service to a wide range of clients, from manufacturing firms to religious organizations. It hosts a highly visited web site devoted to problems of accounting, auditing and taxation, Take me to their Website

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