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Quire Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

Quire Overview Presentation

Quire is an online task management application that enables users to capture ideas and help break them into smaller tasks, as small as they want to. It adopts the branching principle into task management, creating a simple and visual application that is easy to learn and natural for the brain to understand. But what sets it apart is its simple and elegant user interface that users appreciate the most.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Visual Task and Project Management ‚Äì Quire Quire task management application allows users to capture ideas, break them into smaller tasks, and organize them in a visual tree-like structure that shows logical relationships with the other tasks. A nested task list is a unique feature that enables users to see and organize ideas into a well planned list of small, actionable to-dos. It is a more effective structure than a list. The application allows the use of different levels, such as tasks, projects, organization and a smart folder that virtually cuts across organizations. With the launch of the Quire Mark III last year, a Kanban board has made the execution of to-dos much easier. Kanban boards help users visualize work progress. They are able to focus on what matters by grouping crucial tasks to a board. They can also set start and due dates to see a Gantt-chart view on calendar, while Health Stats provide a visual overview of how well each project or member is performing.
  • Real-time Updates and Collaboration ‚Äì The online task management app is hosted in secure AWS servers that provides accessibility and availability anywhere. Updates are immediate for all team members to see. My Tasks allows users to stay on top of tasks assigned to them across all projects. It includes built-in instant messaging to see instantly who said what about whose tasks. Permission control allows them to create an external team that works only on tasks assigned to them. Other features include sending tasks to multiple assignees, and following or adding followers to a task or project. A notification center keeps everyone updated and on track, while reminders alert them of upcoming or due tasks across devices. Projects can be shared publicly via a PMCOM.
  • File Sharing, Integration, Mobility, Export/Import, and more ‚Äì Quire also works well with third party apps. Users can upload/attach files from Google Drive to their tasks, or set tasks as events on Google Calendar. It also integrates with Slack and GitHub, and a Chrome extension is available. Native iOS and Android apps are available to use the application while on the go, including using Siri for Tasks. Other features include recurring tasks, favorites, export of project data to CSV or JSON format, pasting of content from Word or Excel into the app without the need to re-type, and importing project data from other PM software. Time-saving features include Smart Add, Batch Operations, Project Templates, and more.


Quire will still be free until the second half of 2019. Also, whatever customers are using until then will continue to be free. At the moment, customers can have up to 80 projects with unlimited tasks and 30 members in each organization.

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Target Market

Quire task management application is for individuals, freelancers, teams, startups, and SMBs.

Supported Languages

Supports English and German

Some of their Clients

Clients include Google, Asus, IBM, Dyson, Nasdaq, Stanford, and Best Buy.


Massimo Zefferino stated that he has tried hundreds of different project management tools. He also stated that he simply loves the simplicity of Quire.

Niklas Thorsden stated that the software really simplifies working on big projects and is fun to use. On top of that, Quire really runs well on any device he uses it on.

Why Quire

Quire differentiates itself from other task management applications by being as intuitive and logical as possible. Using branching, and preserving hierarchy and relationship visually over a centralized collaborative platform with smart tools allows it to deliver capabilities without additional complexities to the user. It is an effective application in today’s complex environment full of distractions. Since its launch in 2014, it has received awards from various online software publications such as Finances Online, Capterra, and G2 Crowd as experts’ choice and best value over other online tools. It has been recognized also for the great user experience, ease of use, and high performance it provides users.

Company Info

Quire is a product of Potix Corporation, a privately held computer software company with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. It was founded by entrepreneurs Tom Yeh and Henri Chen who have worked together since the 1990s founding several companies and developing several award-winning products. Quire was launched in August 2014. The company also owns ZK, a leading open source framework for building enterprise web and mobile apps. The company’s investors include Asus Computer and Acer Group.




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