Quire Introduces Its New App for Android

Quire online task management recently announced its latest app for Android. Previously available only on the web and iOS platform, it has now added the Android platform to enable users to focus more on their work, and not on the system. The new app took a little time to launch to make sure the development team designed and rolled it out right. Careful crafting went into the layout, navigation, gestures, and look-and-feel. Therefore, users will find it similarly simple and intuitive, providing a great experience across platforms that they use.

Add Ideas via Text, Camera or Image Gallery

As with the iOS app, users can add ideas, notes, and tasks in a variety of ways. They can type them as plain text. They can also use the camera of their smartphone, or they can select an existing image in their gallery. All they have to do is to tap the plus “+ ” icon at the bottom right area, and then choose either Text, Camera, or Photos.

Quire is an excellent application for helping users break down big challenges into more manageable tasks. The new Android app allows users to break down ideas into smaller to-dos tasks with a swipe from right to left. They can continue to divide them until they are small enough to tackle, but still keep each task associated with the larger challenge. Once the ideas are broken down into a list of actionable steps, users can easily drag and drop each task to its place in the proper order and context.

Continue to Collaborate, Online or Offline

Team collaboration is the best and fastest way to accomplish work. The task management app now in Android enables users to share a task with the rest of the team, or get instant feedback. They can write more descriptive notes and assign the tasks to a team member. They can also attach files from Google Drive, embed images from the gallery, or discuss with the rest of the team through comments. Moreover, they can continue working on the task or writing their comments even when they lost Internet connection. As soon as connection is established, the app will sync with the system to keep everything updated.

Navigate Smoothly in a Single Workspace

Quire for Android is designed so that users will have the same smooth experience users have using the web app or iOS app. They will be using the same single workspace with the sidebar for project list, the tree view for the task list, and the detail view for the task details. For instance, to show the sidebar while in the tree view, users should tap the hamburger icon (three short horizontal lines) at the upper left area.

Stay on Top with Notifications

Wherever users go, they can remain in the loop with the rest of the team with automatic notifications. In case of new activities that happens on the project, the app will show what updates was brought about by who and when. It can also remind users of upcoming as well as overdue tasks.

Accomplish more by starting it right

Quire for Android makes sure that users can have all the access they need on their projects and tasks, even while on the go. With an additional platform to run to, users have more options and tools to work on their ideas and accomplish more at the start of 2018. It is recommended that users have Android 5.0 or higher to have the best experience of using the app on their devices.

For more information about the latest app and other announcements, visit also their Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ page.

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