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proworkflow_logoProWorkflow online project management software is continuing to develop its business solution to help freelancers, SMBs and large corporations increase efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability. With the offering of new and free exciting applications available from its new App Store, users now have more options to manage projects, automate processes, and track time in a secure and easy-to-use environment. In addition to available add-ons, plug-ins, integrations and its extensive API, it is now easier to extend the functionality of ProWorkflow.

Chrome Time Tracker

Even before, ProWorkflow online project management software has offered a number of easy ways to track time online. Users can use their desktops or their mobile devices to access the system. They can also download the Desktop Widget for quick and easy tracking of time. The new Chrome Time Tracker adds to these another easy way to track time from the Chrome browser. First, make sure you have a Chrome browser then download the Chrome Time Tracker. The user now has the ability to select the project and task or use the Dynamic Search Box. Once selected, they can click the green “Start/Stop ” button. They can even add notes before clicking Save. Therefore, whatever website or page users are viewing or working on, they can be sure that they are able to track time easily.

proworkflow chrome time tracker

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Profitability Report App

ProWorkflow time tracking and workflow management software has many reports, both built-in and customizable, to provide users with detailed information on projects, tasks, resources, performance, time, invoices and quotes. When customers asked for another type of report, the team worked hard on it and now adds a Profitability Report App. This app will generate profitability reports of projects for a specific client, project category or status. It can provide detailed information, up to the profitability of tasks based on task rates and staff rates. Users have the option to choose projects that are completed or active, in which case estimates will be given for the latter case. They can also see high level information by collapsing the detailed views.

proworkflow profitability report app

The New App Store

Both the Chrome Time Tracker and the Profitability App are available for free in the new ProWorkflow App Store. Aside from the two previously mentioned apps, a Customer Map, Recent Messages, and a Weekly Workload app are also available for download. The Customer Map app allows users to see where they are doing business in relation to their customers. It also pulls data from contacts. The Recent Messages app displays conversation streams from the team. The Weekly Workload app allows the user to see the team’s workload at a glance, which is great for monitoring.

proworkflow app store

Just the Beginning

These new apps are just the initial offerings from the online project management and time tracking software. New apps and updates will be released over time as more customers tell them what they like to see. ProWorkflow is also encouraging developers and customers alike to build apps and use the new App Store for this purpose. They can register for updates and receive information by email about newly added apps. For the latest news, users can visit their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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