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Overview Presentation

projecturf-logoProjecturf is an app aimed at helping professionals manage projects and collaborate with co-workers and employees effectively. With its numerous simple, functional, and convenient features, it allows users to do productive project management, share files, and assign tasks quickly and complete their workload efficiently. This app keeps projects, tasks, and files neatly organized and accessible at all times and at multiple workspaces. It also speeds up communication with real-time notifications on the development of tasks or projects. With Projecturf, tracking and monitoring the development of your project from inception to completion becomes simple and easy.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Project Management and Collaboration Features ‚Äì Projecturf allows the users to easily track the progress and status of their project. The application automatically tracks the development and completion of tasks and gives you a simple overview concerning where you stand on the project. You can also check out who is doing what on the project by using filters. It makes managing collaborative work neat and simple by allowing the user to assign tasks and communicate easily with their team.
  • Speed and Simple Data Entry ‚Äì Projecturf quickens the process of entering large amounts of data files, and allows the user to save the files or data immediately. The app is available to the user at all times and can be used from multiple workspaces. It allows the user to make task entries quickly without having to fill out numerous forms. These tasks can then be modified and completed at a later time. The app can be connected to Dropbox and Google Drive which can be used to upload files, view images, and add comments.
  • Instant Notifications, The Sidebar, and My Stuff ‚Äì This application allows you to be completely briefed by sending out real-time notifications concerning the progress of your project. The user can also receive activity feeds and can monitor everything that is going on concerning tasks and projects. When the user is not logged in the app, they will receive email notifications so they can stay on top of their workload. Another feature is a handy sidebar that is inconspicuous and can be left running at all times, and it allows the user to view tasks, conversations, details on tasks, attachments, etc. There is also a convenient My Stuff feature that collects all personal stuff in one place ‚Äì all your tasks, events, contacts and notes are conveniently grouped together.
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Projecturf has a variety of monthly subscription packages. All the packages come with a free 14-day trial period. The Personal package is free to use, but it allows only one user and no projects, templates, or files. All other packages support an unlimited number of users. The Basic package supports 5 projects, 1 template and 5 GB of storage space and costs $20 monthly, whereas The Team package supports 30 projects, 3 templates and 20 GB costing $50 monthly. For larger businesses there are also the Business and Enterprise packages. The Enterprise package offers unlimited projects. In addition, if the user opts for a yearly subscription they will get 1 month of free service.


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Target Market

Projecturf is targeted at users with businesses of all sizes. It is convenient for small businesses with 2-3 employees, but also for large enterprises with hundreds of workers. It is perfect for project managers who want to have a clear and simple way to manage any number of projects and employees.

Supported Languages

Projecturf supports English, French, Spanish and German.

Some of their Clients

Projecturf is used by thousands of businesses and individuals as the ultimate project management and collaboration app. It got raving reviews from important sites such as AppStorm, ReadWriteWeb, and The Huffington Post.


The Huffington Post complemented the app on its ease-of-use and neat organization, and placed it under their top 5 essential tools for start-up entrepreneurs. AppStorm called it the perfect productivity app, and stated that it made collaboration easy and simple.

Why Projecturf

Projecturf offers numerous handy features for effective online project management and collaboration. With every update they manage to climb a step higher towards the perfect online management app. Projecturf is also a good choice because of its highly-competitive prices for businesses of every size.

Company Info

Projecturf is a private business founded in 2008. The founders, Chuck Pearson, Mike Pearson, and Lance Leishman are professionals with years of experience in the IT, Business and Programming fields.   Take me to their Website

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