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Priority Matrix Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

Priority Matrix is a multi-platform priority management software for teams. The productivity software runs natively on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and the web, and syncs across devices. By providing a virtual workspace, teams are able to visualize and communicate priorities. Thus, all efforts are focused and directed to the right tasks, which are then done at the right time. It is an environment where the team works as one.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Priority Management ‚Äì Priority Matrix makes use of the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, also known as the urgent-important matrix to provide all members of the team an understanding of which tasks are critical, and which are not. It also shows the broad overview of all projects and progress, while allowing users to get an instant snapshot of a project’s progress through the project squares.
  • Visibility – The visual solution also enables them to categorize tasks as most important using icons and stars. Other features include filter by collaborators to see who is working on what task at any given time. They can use tags, sort, search and other filters for easier tracking. Time-specific reports provide real-time and accurate status of projects and teams, and individual reports show comprehensive performance information. Also included are real-time item and project history streams.
  • Collaboration ‚Äì Users can easily add teammates and assign tasks. External partners without Priority Matrix accounts can collaborate using their email client software. Everyone is kept up-to-date with a built-in chat and indepth history. Staying in the conversation is easy by using the chat or replying to project or item progress emails.
  • Organization, Document Management, Native Apps, and more– Users can track everything with icons, notes, dates, progress, files, effort estimates and more. They can also sort by these criteria. Adding, uploading, or organizing files is easy with drag and drop. Cross-platform functionality allows them to work with all kinds of devices. Desktops, tablets and smartphones sync seamlessly, and native app capabilities are used to the fullest, such as with right-click context menu and in-depth menu bar. Other features include offline functionality, flexible storage, deep integration, fast response and high native app security. It integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Apple mail, calendars, task/reminder apps, cloud storage, document and file sharing apps, and support ticket systems. Other management tools and templates are also available.


Priority Matrix Business Class plan is priced at $24 per person per month, billed on an annual basis. This subscription includes all access licences for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and the web with Chrome and Outlook extensions. It also includes reports, collaboration, and the ability to share read-only views of Gantt charts and reports. An Enterprise Class plan is also available with more features such as unlimited storage, API access, and more, through contacting the company. Those interested with the software is free to try it for 14 days.

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Target Market

Priority Matrix is ideal for project managers and other business managers with a need for establishing priorities and tracking progress, accountability and results. It is applicable in a wide array of industries, such as software and product development, IT services, sales, government, education, operations, and more.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include IDanalyst, Vipecloud, Edith Cowan University, Datisfy, Obsidian Plumbing, Tuff Shed, and Midwest Community Bank, among others.


Terry Gold described Priority Matrix as powerful and flexible in organizing and tracking large volumes of tasks and activities. It has powerful functionality in simple package. He is able to communicate and share with colleagues and clients all tasks in the software in flexible ways.

Adam Peterson stated that they use the priority management software on a daily basis. Shared projects bring transparency, and eliminates ‚Äòlast in, first priority’ issues. Thus, they are able to focus on only the most important goals of the day.

Why Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix is a modern collaborative priority management software that eliminates information overload by providing the needed focus, direction and visibility in team projects. As such, every member becomes more responsible and accountable, resulting in higher quality of work. The software is highly ranked, being included in the 5 highest downloaded app in the Apple App store, and among PC Magazine’s 100 Best iPad apps.

Company Info

Priority Matrix is the flagship product of Appfluence, a privately held computer software company based in Palo Alto, CA, USA. It was founded in 2010 by Hai Nguyen, CEO; Pablo Diaz, CTO; and Luis Adarve, VP of Engineering. The company is a Stanford Startx company, and has been selected repeatedly among the top companies coming out of Stanford. The founders created the application as a way for people to manage modern-day information overload. They believe that through prioritization and focus, users will be able to achieve more doing less, and still do the things they love, such as getting home in time for dinner with the family.

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