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planhammer-logoOverview Presentation

PlanHammer is a web-based project management and collaboration software both for co-located and distributed teams. It combines traditional project management and planning tools with agile task assignment boards that make project collaboration and team communication simple. Project managers are able to create tasks quickly in a list and assign them to members who can put comments and attach files. Moreover, users are also able to display a high level overview of the effort with a WBS creator, show the schedule, due dates and dependencies with a Gantt chart, update all involved with their roles in a RACI chart creator, and more.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Project Task List, Task Collaboration and Gantt Chart: PlanHammer project management software allow users to create a task list quickly and then rearrange their priority, add details, divide further into sub-tasks and assign to team members. Email notifications are sent when tasks are completed, assigned or when a comment is placed. Collaboration is built-in where co-workers can use mentions for instant communication. A Gantt chart creator shows the schedule, due dates, prerequisites, and dependencies, which help stakeholders get a visible update of the project.
  • WBS Creator and RACI Chart: This web-based PM software has a work breakdown structure creator that displays a high level overview of the effort. It can easily expand and collapse to display a particular area of interest. From the WBS, users can easily view details of the task by clicking the info button. They can choose to display subtasks in a list or expanded style, and easily add or remove tasks directly from the chart. The RACI chart creator provides all involved a quick visible way of who should be kept in the loop for each task. All project team members can easily see who is responsible for what, and who needs to be notified for task updates.
  • Agile Kanban Boards, Risk Register, Import/Export, Integrations and more : PlanHammer combines traditional project planning with agile task management with included agile Kanban boards that makes task assignment, priority setting, progress tracking and bottleneck resolution. Its Risk Register tool also helps project managers have a reference and repository when creating mitigation and contingency plans. Also, users can easily export data in MS Project or CSV format, and import tasks from an MS Project file. They can also create templates, attach files from OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive.
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PlanHammer offers a 30-day free trial period. Users can then choose a plan depending on the number of users. A small team of 1 to 10 users can opt a plan priced at $20 per month. A team with 10 minimum number of users can opt for a higher plan at $50 per month. Users who are invited to collaborate can for free. However, users who invite others and share projects need to have a paid account. planhammer pricing

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Target Market

PlanHammer is for small to mid-sized project teams who require a solution that includes both traditional project planning and scheduling tools with agile task management and collaboration features. The software is applicable to most types of business in any type of industry.

Supported Languages

English and Spanish

Some of their Clients

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Mike stated that he likes the speed of the workflow, which can help people organize and speed up their daily activities. Another customer described the application as providing access to robust tools while keeping the application and its use simple.

Why PlanHammer

PlanHammer is a flexible and comprehensive project planning and agile task management tool with relevant features such as a Gantt chart, Kanban board, WBS creator, RACI chart and Risk register. It has powerful visual and automated tools that will enable project managers to work more on the project and less on figuring out how the application works.

Company Info

PlanHammer is a product of Global VPM LLC, a privately held computer software and IT services company based in Minneapolis, MN, USA. It was founded in 2015 when the founder, a PM consultant, needed to solve conflicts between agile task assignment and traditional project scheduling. Since there was no existing tool to allow both Kanban style boards and Gantt chart tasks, he decided to create a project tool that can perfectly combine classical and agile project management tools. The company’s mission is to integrate project planning into the team’s everyday activities. By enabling people to break down high level objectives into manageable pieces, a project plan becomes a living document that is flexible enough to meet changes. PlanHammer is currently in public beta. Take me to their Website

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