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Overview Presentation

Pipeliner CRM is a tool designed for salespeople and sales management. This software focuses on the processes, pipeline management, and analytics to generate more revenue. CRM stands for customer relationship management, with its software dwelling on the relationship of the business to its customers and their interactions.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Customer Relationship Management – Pipeliner’s mobile app with built-in AI offers the best solution when it comes to the challenges experienced by salespeople with regards to their customers.  Knowing that they are always on the go, the latest mobile app changes the course of the game for CRM towards better customer experience. Users can directly call their Pipeliner CRM contacts from their smartphones that work the same way as the desktop app. This ensures 100% view for the users to the system anytime and anywhere which keeps them updated on their tasks.
  • Integrated Sales and Marketing – another benefit of Pipeliner is that it has a high and fast adoption rate that increases revenue because of its uniform navigation, ease of use, logical organization, and customizable view that suits the user. With those on the system, salespeople can intelligently communicate information without losing a vibrant engagement with their customers.
  • Features and Integrations – non-tech admin, dynamic visualized reporting, and integration to everything are the key features of Pipeliner that make the software way better than the others. Non-tech admin has affordable certification and has a full-time administrator that is not costly. The admin is intuitive, visual, and uses drag and drop. The dynamic visualized reporting feature generates pivot, standard, and business intelligence, as well as forecast and performance dashboard reports. Pipeliner integrates all the systems one is working with, imports and migrates all the data, and automates the processes for salesforce.


The users of Pipeliner CRM have two choices for the pricing which are monthly and annual. It falls under 3 categories which are the starter, business, and enterprise categories. For annual billing, the starter costs $25 per user per month but it will be $30 per user when billed monthly. It covers collaboration, tracking, and basic sales management. For business, the annual cost is $65 per user per month but it will be $75 per user if billed monthly. It has the full functionality of CRM, productivity features, and customization. Enterprise is at $85 per user per month when billed annually. However, if billed monthly, it will be at $100 per user. It has the full functionality of CRM as well but with advanced services, reporting, and customization. Note that it is only within North America that the monthly payment is available and only upon approved credit. However, a free trial is also available.


Pipeliner cost

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Target Market

Pipeliner supports the industries of leisure, insurance, financial services, transportation and logistics, consulting, and manufacturing. The software is ideal for small businesses according to its visualization pipeline.

Supported Language

English, Spanish, German

Some of their Clients

Some of the companies that are using Pipeliner CRM are Quest Resource Management Group, LL, ULLIANCE, INC, Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations, Inc., ICON International, Inc. and Huthwaite Inc. Pipeliner is most ideal for a 10-50 employees company.


According to Martin E, an enterprise sales director, “Pipeliner is the most visual CRM in the market today”. What he likes the best is the archive feature which enables managers to revisit its lost details and learn why, when, and how it was lost. Analysis can be conducted on lost opportunities to discover vital factors such as sales stages that are losing the most deals, sales reps who need mentoring and coaching, products or price points that are losing the most deals, the accuracy of close dates, and lead scoring. Martin said that there is nothing that he dislikes in Pipeliner. The benefits he likes the most is its simplicity and ease of use.

Eric Dowell, a national sales manager, stated that before Pipeliner, they did not have one spot where one person could watch over what is happening throughout all the territories. Now, he does the admin and the individual reps all contribute to their pipelines for their locations and specific set of accounts and opportunities.

Why Pipeliner

Pipeliner concentrates on the core competencies which is why it is the best in sales force automation. It provides a way for customers to seamlessly integrate other systems like Marketing Automation. It also has a lot of “Automation Add-in” that automates daily tasks. Its mobile application and AI engine are the most advanced in the market today. With its pricing, features, and integration, it makes the most valuable choice for sales software.

Company Info

Pipeliner CRM is a software company based in Los Angeles, California USA. It was founded in 2007 by Nikolaus Kimla who is currently the CEO of the company.


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