Pipedrive vs. Freshworks CRM

Pipedrive vs. Freshworks CRMSales is a vital component for a company to achieve its business objectives and revenue goals. Selling is difficult as it is, but add to that a world health crisis that aggravated budget uncertainties, travel restrictions, and health concerns. Organizations need to empower their sales teams to keep them motivated and fully equipped to face selling challenges in the new normal. Experts recommend sales compensation adjustments, coaching and training, and using customer relationship management (CRM) software such as Pipedrive or Freshworks CRM to ease their daily work.

Modern CRM software includes features such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) that can help sales teams spend less time on administrative tasks and reporting requirements. This Pipedrive vs. Freshworks CRM comparison will focus on similarities and differences to help buyers understand which solution is ideal for them. All CRM solutions aim to assist the sales agent provide the right products or services to the right customers at the right time. The difference lies in how the software achieves this process through its design and features.

Benefits of CRM software

Sales, marketing, and support teams rely on CRM software to help identify where to focus their efforts so that prospects become new customers, and new customers become repeat customers. CRM software technology provides users with tools such as:

  • Centralized repository of information to know customers better
  • Categorization of contacts to segment customers and create more targeted audiences
  • Automatic reminders and notifications to help the sales rep nurture customer relationships
  • Quick access and views of recent customer activities to take advantage of up-selling or cross-selling opportunities
  • Templates and other smart suggestions to send more personalized communication

The Pipedrive approach

Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM software that provides users a sales pipeline management tool. It is a solution that is centered on activity-based selling to help users in scheduling, completing, and tracking activities visually. Pipedrive customers are particularly happy because it is easy to use and customizable, allowing them to streamline operations for a tailor-made solution. Other features include customizable reports, interactive dashboards, mobile apps, and integrations.

Pipedrive screenshot

Leads and deals management

Pipedrive allows users to create unlimited visual sales pipelines where they can add color-coded information such as deals, value, win probability, expected close date, and others. These can be tracked easily due to visual cues. Stages can be customized and team pipelines can be created with filtering by sales rep or sales stage. Unlimited custom fields allow users to collect, organize, and track data for a specific team, product, or industry. Other features include a centralized Leads Inbox, chat integration, customizable web forms, lead and deals import, and products catalog.

Communications tracking

Pipedrive keeps unlimited contacts organized as people and organizations can be linked to deals. Import contacts from spreadsheets and other CRM systems or sync with Google or Microsoft contacts. All calls, emails, and other activities can be checked through a visual history. The CRM also has two-way email sync so both CRM and email will have up-to-date information. Other tracking features include open and click tracking, call logging and recording, and calendar. Availability in schedules can be shared and sales activities can be scheduled with reminders via email, web app, mobile app, or a combination of the three.

Automation and AI

The AI-powered Sales Assistant can help improve sales rep performance with automated, behavior-based tips to boost results. It can recommend the right system features or integration to automate manual tasks. The Sales Assistant keeps teams in sync by notifying them of changes in account settings. Other features are compact report graphs, automation of repetitive tasks using triggers and desired actions, and auto sending of email templates during any stage in the sales cycle.

The Freshworks CRM approach

Freshworks CRM, formerly Freshsales, is a cloud-based CRM software that is designed with features to help users earn customers for life. It is a unified solution for sales and marketing teams so they can attract visitors and convert them to leads, and from leads to customers. It provides a set of tools to track page visits, capture all customer interactions from various channels in one place, use intelligence to analyze the pipeline, close deals, and nurture relationships.


Deal management

Freshworks CRM lets users visualize the entire sales process with a breakdown of actionable tasks. An AI-powered assistant called Freddy helps in predicting deal performance, prospect engagement, revenue forecast, and other activities so teams can make smart decisions. The software also provides a funnel view of the sales pipeline for deals and their worth in each stage. The mobile app lets users filter, sort, and search for deals while on the go. The drag-and-drop interface allows for easy management and collaboration with multiple salespersons to work on the same deal.

Multichannel communication

Freshworks CRM provides multiple ways to connect with the customer to foster strong relationships. An email integration lets users connect the software with their inbox so they can send, track, and manage emails from one app. From the same app, they can make calls while they access call logs, notes, and recordings for a better followup conversation. It has tools to track and analyze calls to improve performance. Calls can be mapped to new or existing contacts and notes can be added to the call. Other channels include chat, SMS, and integration with WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat.

Workflow automation and AI

Workflow automation lets users create workflows or sequences of repetitive tasks using point and click interface. Rules are defined that when a condition triggers a workflow, its programmed series of actions are activated. These actions may include creating tasks, sending emails or SMS, setting up reminders, or any other manual task that can be automated. This tool streamlines processes so sales agents can have more time to communicate with prospects, engage with customers, or nurture relationships. Freddy AI also performs tasks and reduces the need to manually perform them with lead-generation bots, auto profile enrichment, predictive contact scoring, and deal insights.

Pipedrive vs. Freshworks CRM Summary

Pipedrive and Freshworks CRM have many similar features to help sales teams across businesses of all sizes. They are both affordable solutions with modern features such as mobile access, automation, and AI assistants.

Pipedrive is an ideal solution for sales teams that gives a highly visual and customizable pipeline management and tracking. Many of its automation features are available in the affordable lower plans. Also, 24/7 chat and email support is included in all plans. A 14-day free trial is offered.

Freshworks CRM is a comprehensive solution for both sales and marketing teams, although a separate sales-only and marketing-only product is also available. Integration with other Freshworks products such as Freshdesk provides complete CRM from marketing to sales to support. Powerful cloud telephony tools, chat, Slack collaboration, visual sales pipeline, and workflows are available from the lowest plan. A 21-day free trial is also offered.

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