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Overview Presentation

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OrangeScrum is a cloud-based project management and collaboration software to help organize, projects, teams, and tasks in one place. It gives users full visibility and control over their projects, enabling them to deliver projects on time and within budget. As an agile project management software, it offers capabilities such as epics and stories, sprints, scrum boards, reports and velocity charts. It has several editions, including a free open source version, which can be customized depending on the user’s requirement.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Task and Agile Project Management – OrangeScrum lets users assign, manage, and evaluate the progress of all tasks in one place. Features include subtasks, task groups, task linking, custom task labels, predefined or custom task types for categorization, and priority. It has an interactive Gantt chart that helps users visualize task progress and their dependencies in a single timeline view. It also has a Kanban view where they can track the status of tasks in every stage, from new to complete. It supports Scrum and Kanban methods, with features such as backlogs, sprints, templates, story, epic, story points, burndown chart, velocity chart, and more.
  • Time Tracking and Invoice – The project management and collaboration software has time tracking tools that allows time tracking spent on tasks, with daily and weekly timesheets for evaluating team performance. It has an automatic timer, billable and non-billable hours, a time log chart view, and many other reports. Users can create invoices in a few steps. It can send an estimate, a receipt, and an invoice for billable hours. Created invoices can be saved or sent by email. An Invoice dashboard shows all the tasks for both billable and non-billable time. It can also include other details, such as description, resources, start and end times. They can easily manage customers and its details.
  • Resource Availability, Mobile Apps, Integrations, and more – OrangeScrum shows resource availability to help in making smart planning and maximum utilization of resources. It can also set and track leaves. Native mobile apps for both iOS and Android are available. They can view and manage projects, tasks, and files, while also accessing users, helpdesk and My Profile features while on the go. The software can be self-hosted or deployed on-premise for greater data control. Integrations are also possible, such as with Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
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OrangeScrum offers several cloud versions. A yearly subscription results in 10 percent savings. The Startup plan is priced at $8 per month billed annually (or $96 per year), and includes for 10 users with a storage limit of 5GB. The Basic plan at $312 per year includes for 20 users and 15GB storage limit. The Standard plan includes for 35 users, the Professional plan with up to 60 users, and there is also an unlimited users plan. All plans include unlimited tasks, projects, and task groups or sprints. A 30-day free trial period is offered on all cloud versions. The self-hosted plan starts at $259 one time payment for 10 users. It comes bundled with premium features. Optional installation service costs $99. An enterprise open source version can be downloaded from the site.

OrangeScrum Pricing 2019

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Target Market

OrangeScrum can be used by teams and organizations of all sizes. It can accommodate both traditional and agile project management methods. It is valuable for various team configurations, whether in-house, distributed, or outsourced. It is used by companies in technology, software, financial services, product development, marketing agencies, business consultancies, educational institutions, and others.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include include Mediba Corporation, CUTMEC Group, SFCG, Ernst & Young, Energy Transfer, TechNex, (v)WeCare Technology, and One Business Consulting Group.

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Jamie Smith stated that OrangeScrum simplifies the process of project management for their organization with its power collaboration tools. She also stated that they could not be happier in using the software. Kuda Msipa stated that the beautiful thing about the project management software is it is easy in its approach, which makes it a lot simpler to use. OrangeScrum makes a complicated project way easier to run with his team.

Why OrangeScrum

OrangeScrum project management and collaboration software is essential in today’s project-centric business environment. It is a valuable tool that brings people and projects together, providing clear structures while promoting transparency and visibility, and also letting users gain accurate information and insight to stay competitive and profitable.

Company Info

OrangeScrum is a product of AndolaSoft Inc., a privately held web and mobile app development company based in San Jose, CA, USA, and with a development center in Bhubaneswar, India. It was founded in 2009 by Jay Das. As the company’s projects grew, they looked for a way to help manage projects effectively and meet their clients’ expectation by trying different PM and team collaboration tools. They could not find one, so they decided to build what would become OrangeScrum. In no time, it attracted SMBs from an array of industries.
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