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Ontraport vs. Keap: Business Automation Software Comparison

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Digital transformation enables more companies to manage a greater amount of data. As a result, companies are collecting huge volumes of customer data to create a comprehensive view of a customer they can act upon. Constructing this view is getting harder due to disparate sources and technical incompatibility. On top of that, sales and marketing professionals have other tasks they need to complete. Luckily, business automation software provides users more efficient and measurable tools that take care of manual and repetitive tasks, so they can focus on customers. This Ontraport vs. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) automation software comparison shows similar features and unique approaches to each solution to help businesses choose the right one.

Key automation challenges

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Business professionals turn to automation so that they can create a successful digital strategy. They believe that automation software can help improve lead pipeline qualification, increase customer retention, and improve their lead nurturing process. But they also see several challenges while using automation, such as:

Personalized content delivery

CRM, sales, and marketing automation software needs to be smart enough to deliver personalized messages in their outreach and deliver them to individual customers across many channels. Most consumers now will only engage with messages personalized and tailored to their interests.

Marketing systems integration

Customers are spread out across different multiple channels. An integrated marketing system lets users combine multiple marketing channels such as email, SMS, website, and social media, so that they communicate a single and consistent brand message. Customers want brands to listen, understand, and act on their data. But they also need to hear a consistent message multiple times before they act on it.

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Ontraport approach

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Ontraport is a sales and marketing automation platform that provides the tools to help build, automate, and scale online business in a single app. Companies can move faster to launch products that were once ideas. They can be smarter and know more about each contact. Businesses can grow bigger with the right features that let them sell, market, and manage at scale. Positive Ontraport reviews come from companies in the professional training & coaching, health, wellness & fitness, and ecommerce industries. It has sales, CRM, and marketing automation tools. The software also has drag-and-drop forms and a web page builder built for marketers.

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Ontraport is an automated sales and CRM software that lets users collect more data so they can deliver more engaging and effective experiences across multiple channels. It provides a flexible and customizable platform to store, display, and work with data. The software automatically captures data on page visits, clicked links, filled-out forms, purchases, and sales calls. You can design process flows that assigns important tasks to team members with followups automatically done by the software. It can automate a variety of processes such as product delivery, contract signing, and new client onboarding. Other features include tracking multiple pipelines and custom objects for creating new record types.

Marketing automation

Ontraport includes digital marketing automation tools that use comprehensive contact data to help segment prospects and deliver effective messaging automatically. An easy-to-use campaign builder lets users create both simple and sophisticated automations with a library of templates to get them started in minutes. Integration options allow the software to deliver targeted and personalized messages across emails, SMS, and phone calls. It has a unique lead source tracking engine, campaign performance reporting, and email marketing management with its own delivery infrastructure.

Built-in payments

The built-in payments let users sell more and choose from a library of order pages. It includes a wide variety of design flexibility and sophisticated payment options. One-page order forms simplify checkouts with options for an upsell, one-time offer, or order bump. Other features include subscription management and level-1 PCI certification for greater card control.

The Keap approach

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Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) is a CRM, sales, and marketing automation solution available in several products. The software provides a platform that lets users create a high quality of sorted and segmented contacts to send the right messages. It has tools for automated followups that create better customer experiences for repeat business. Teams and SMBs in the marketing & advertising, health, wellness & fitness, and real estate industries prefer the software for its friendly user interface and mobile apps among other solutions.

Keap screenshot

Sales and marketing automation

Keap provides several levels of automation for its users. Fast and easy automation lets users save time with simple templates that can capture new leads, assign tasks, and send emails. For seasoned professionals, advanced automation through a visual builder lets them create automated processes based on time or behavior triggers. The integrated system allows automation to span processes and activities such as lead generation and nurturing with timely delivery of text and email messages. Sales pipeline automation also enables teams to create repeatable sales processes that includes tasks and checklists.


Keap CRM includes an easy-to-use client database software that lets users get a complete view of the customer, including all their activities and communications in one place. The Gmail and Outlook integration makes it easy to update contact records with every email. The client management software assists in sending highly personalized communications automatically, where users can choose from pre-written emails. The CRM software provides at-a-glance information that includes contact info, phone number, email, social media, address, and birthdays. Other features include file attachments and conversation history.

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Invoices and payments

An integrated invoicing and payments system makes it easy for clients to pay with a single click of a button. Users can set up daily, weekly, or monthly payments based on business needs. It can send friendly payment reminders automatically. The software creates and tracks invoices, automatically update expired cards for subscriptions, and syncs with other tools like Xero and QuickBooks.

Ready to decide on Ontraport vs. Keap?

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Both Ontraport and Keap are effective sales and marketing automation tools for small and growing businesses. Each also offers a 14-day free trial period of their software.

Ontraport is ideal for ecommerce businesses of all sizes with a requirement for sales force and online marketing automation. The company also provides extended customer phone and chat support. Ontraport pricing divides into several plans that include at least 1,000 contacts and unlimited emails.

Keap is an all-in-one sales and marketing software with built-in CRM. It has a variety of visual reports, dashboards, and analytics as well as a greater number of partner integrations. Keap pricing options are available through several products with different sets of features and also depends on the number of contacts, with 500 as minimum.

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