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Introducing-Office-365-Planner-1-greenIf you work in massive groups across multiple projects, you may be familiar with project management tools like Basecamp and Trello. Well, Microsoft has come up with its own project management solution-Office 365 Planner. Originally named “Highlander,” Planner is a lightweight project management software that enables teams to organize, allot tasks, build strategies, chat on what your team members are working on besides sharing files. The tool can also be used to administer a marketing event, conjure up innovative product ideas, gear up for the visit of a customer, organize your team in an effective manner and even keep a track on a school project.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Organize your Work Visually-One of the most significant aspects of Planner is that it allows teams to organize and manage their work visually. Similar to Trello, every Plan comes with a unique Board.  And each task or item is represented by a Card within each Board. These Cards can have attachments, categories, linked conversations and due dates. Whenever a member is added to a conversation or assigned a new card, he gets notified via email.
  • Tack Your WorkOffice 365 Planner comes with the Hub view, which allows you to visually track the overall progress of projects. The view titled “My tasks” enables you to filter down to take a look at what needs to be done on every running plan. Furthermore, the “Charts” view contains interactive charts for seeing the progress of your team members against stipulated deadlines.
  • Compatible With All Of Office 365-Planner has been integrated with additional Office 365 services like Office 365 Groups. This makes the entire conversations in Planner accessible in the Outlook Groups Mobile Apps, Outlook on the Web and Outlook 2016.



Office 365 Planner comes with flexible pricing and is suited for businesses of all sizes. The basic version, known as Office 365 Business Essentials, is available at $5 per user per month and includes email with 50 GB mailbox, HD video conferencing, 1TB of online storage and Office Online. Next comes the Office 365 Business plan costing $8.25 per user per month. The chief features of this plan includes 1 TB of file storage and sharing, fully installed Office on Mac/PC and Office apps on phones and tablets. The last is the Office 365 Business Premium plan at $12.50 per user per month. It includes email with 50 GB mailbox, 1 TB of file storage and sharing, HD video conferencing, fully installed office on Mac/PC and office apps on phones and tablets.

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Target Market

Office 365 Planner is for big teams working across multiple projects. It’s meant for people who want to effectively collaborate around tasks with their team members. In short, the tool is built for individuals who want to keep a close track on their projects without missing the minutest detail.

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According to Digital Trends, the project management software is one of a kind mainly because of its integration with other Office products.

Why Office 365 Planner

Office 365 Planner eliminates the chaos from your teamwork and get things done easily and effectively. The best part is that it’s easy to use and you can build a new plan, create a team, update status, assign tasks and be in touch with every team member with just a few clicks.

Company Info

Office 365 Planner has been created by Microsoft Office, which is an office suite of servers, services and applications developed by Microsoft.  It was officially launched by Bill Gates on 19 November, 1990 in Las Vegas. Microsoft Office is being used by more than 1.2 billion people in the world. That’s one out of every seven individuals on the planet.

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